April 29, 2022

Sendoso CMO’s expert advice: 3 steps to drive revenue


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  • Build a marketing strategy that includes sending prospects branded merchandise, swag, or personalized gifts.
  • Use the power of persuasion to help shape your strategy.
  • Consider the best form of delivery to cut through the noise and target decision-makers.

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Increasing revenue for a company may sound simple. You make more deals, you make more money, right?

Technically, yes, that is true. But what is the lifespan of that deal? Is the payoff worth the effort?

What if there were simple ways to keep those customers engaged long-term and acquire new, loyal clients? The good news? There is!

Read ahead to learn simple and effective ways to drive revenue in 2022.

Sends drive B2B revenue

With more than two decades of experience, Sendoso former Chief Marketing Officer Alex Ortiz specializes in growing brands’ reach and revenue. He knows the tips and tricks of the trade to drive B2B revenue.

Sendoso is a leading Sending Platform™. It is the most effective way for revenue-generating teams to engage, acquire, and retain customers throughout the customer journey.

“Whether your company is acquiring new customers, influencing the pipeline, or supporting sales to close deals, Sendoso is here to drive pipeline and ultimately drive revenue,” said Ortiz.

His biggest piece of advice is to gift with purpose.

Sending the right corporate gift will spark new engagement or build better rapport with current clients. Or, it can help revive old accounts that have gone dark.

Through strategic outreach, Sendoso gifting can feed into your pipeline. Gifting for special events, achievements, and celebrations can all serve as touchpoints for B2B marketing and sales experts looking for ways to connect with prospects.

Below, Ortiz shares three keys to success for any company with an account-based marketing strategy.

Use the power of persuasion

The first secret to success is to use persuasion to develop a product strategy.

Spend some time getting acquainted with your target audience. Learn more about their likes, dislikes, and values.

Pro Tip: Personalized gifts go far. By demonstrating you’re in tune with their values, you can build a closer connection with prospects. It demonstrates that you are willing to support their interests.

For example, Sendoso Choice can curate charity donations. The option allows recipients to choose a personal gift or donate to the charity of their choice.

Recipients can choose to support nonprofits like the American Red Cross, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, or support humanitarian causes.

Or depending on which social causes your recipients’ support, use Sendoso to send sustainable gifts or eGifts that support minority or female-owned businesses.

“Happy customers can be brand advocates,” commented Ortiz.

Channeling success with direct mail sends

Now that you have a better sense of your decision-makers’ interests, it is time to deliver.

Quite literally, deliver!

Selecting the best way to reach your prospect is crucial. Whether it be targeted ads, emails, or other forms of outreach, it is difficult to cut through the noise.

“One of the biggest challenges as marketers is that most digital channels are very saturated,” said Ortiz. “Finding the right channel to connect to your prospects is key.”

Ortiz adds that there is one tried-and-true channel that is still extremely effective in generating engagement and fostering relationships: direct mail marketing.

We have seen a resurgence in people mailing. Whether it’s direct mail or sending packages and gifts, that’s a channel that’s not saturated. It has been around for a long time and is pretty cost-effective, as well.

Ortiz suggests gifting an item that is out of the ordinary to stand apart from competitors.

Sendoso offers a variety of curated, high-end gifts designed to spark interest and delight any recipient. Browse the Sendoso Direct catalog to see a plethora of swag options to build customer relationships.

Baby box gift

Is your prospect a new or expecting parent?

Both are easy ways to show you are considering your prospects’ needs.

Perhaps your prospect just earned a huge promotion. Help them pop the champagne and celebrate!

Sendoso offers several curated box sets of high-end bubbly and chocolates. Every item is hand-selected by Sendoso staff to ensure the best quality. Select a few favorites to add to your attract prospects or as part of your customer engagement strategy.

This next option may be the sweetest way to celebrate any milestone. Say congratulations with the Congrats Candy Board. These hand-crafted candy boards are as beautiful as they are delicious. Plus, a portion of the proceeds from each sale is donated to organizations that support children’s mental health.

Whichever you choose, Ortiz stresses that it’s crucial to put a human touch on any gift.

“To stand out, show thoughtfulness. Trust me that will help your marketing strategy and help you drive revenue.”

Sendoso can add a handwritten note to any gifting item. Going the extra mile adds another component of personalized communication.

Pro Tip: Step up your gifting game with Sendoso Experiences. Sendoso offers many interactive events to engage with prospects.

These immersive experiences work for you and your targets—remote, hybrid, or in-office. Many experiences can be tailored to fit the needs of guests, whether it be a live event or a kit with materials and ingredients delivered straight to the recipient’s door.

Direct Mail

Turning direct mail strategy into action

Now is the time to fold your business gifting into your marketing and/or sales strategy.

Multiple teams can utilize gifting to generate more leads, increase webinar attendance, drive engagement, and more.

Ortiz says integrated sending should be part of every offer strategy.

Marketing teams can create demand with their initial outreach. The Sendoso platform can then notify the sales teams for timely and highly-coordinated follow-up outreach efforts. The platform can even trigger additional sends for multiple touchpoints.

Zendesk Movie Kit

For example, give prospects a Sendoso eGift to reward them for attending a webinar. Gift cards in any form are always a hit because they give the recipient flexibility.

During follow-up outreach, the sales team can then send those same recipients something that compliments the initial gift.

Ortiz suggests this family-friendly outreach gifting option. Instead of taking the family out to a movie, marketing teams can send prospects one of Sendoso’s multiple movie night kits. Sales teams can even follow up with prospects to offer a Netflix subscription.

“It’s no shock that gifts work,” said Ortiz. “The challenge for any marketer is how do you scale that?”

Sendoso makes it easy to scale any campaign.

It can be incorporated into many tech stacks. The platform takes care of coordinating, shipping, and tracking from start to finish.

Sendoso compiles concrete analytics on all campaigns. The platform allows all teams to easily interpret the data and develop benchmarks for future campaigns. It is a great way to launch and scale future campaigns with predictable results.

“The important part here is that the teams work together,” said Ortiz. “When marketing and sales work together, there is an easy route to start a conversation.”

And if you are struggling with the words to say, Sendoso has you covered. Sendoso can suggest gift ideas and templates to open that door of communication.

Incorporating Sendoso into your sales strategy provides opportunities to foster relationships and increase response rates. Each campaign has the client in mind to create a one-of-kind and memorable experience.

Pull the steps together to see results

To recap, think deeply about your persuasion strategy. Learn what is most important to your clients and prospects. Browse the Sendoso Direct catalog to find the perfect, stand-out gift.

Next, develop a differentiated channel strategy and create unique offers of value. Utilize direct mail gifting to surprise and delight any client.

Finally, create an effective and integrated strategy amongst teams. Creating higher engagement and response rates can directly translate to pipeline growth.

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