January 21, 2024

How to Drive More Business with Sendoso + Microsoft Dynamics (Powered by Workato)

Allison Rona
Allison Rona

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This piece is brought to you by Sendoso Senior Product Marketing Manager Allison Rona.

We’ve entered what industry leaders are calling the “next normal” in business. Now what does that mean exactly, and how long will it last? We’re not so sure. But what we are sure of is that to keep up with our ever-evolving business landscape, your tech stack needs to evolve along with it.

If you’re on a revenue team, you know first-hand that measuring ROI is absolutely critical to success. And if you’re a leader of a revenue team, you definitely know that your teams require tools that work with the enterprise software they’re already using. And since no two of our customers’ tech stacks are exactly alike, we’re always searching for new partnerships to both enhance our product offerings and ensure our customers’ needs are met. Whether they’re trying to drive more pipeline and revenue, unlock new business opportunities, increase response rates, or drive more event registrants, we work hard to ensure we’re delivering the features and integrations to help them achieve their goals.

Right now, the demand for new integrations for the enterprise is at an all-time high, as they’re proving essential to our customers’ sending initiatives. And as a company that proudly delivers unmatched service and support, when our customers speak, we listen.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our newest integration: Sendoso + Microsoft Dynamics 365. Powered by Workato (the leading integration-led automation platform), revenue teams that use Microsoft Dynamics 365 are now able to send thoughtful personalized gifts, custom branded swag, memorable virtual experiences, and more directly from within Microsoft Dynamics 365 (either manually or via triggered touchpoints throughout the buyer’s journey), plus measure the impact that these sends have on their pipeline and revenue.

How does Sendoso + Microsoft Dynamics work?

With the Sendoso + Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration, your teams can:

  • Close more deals–quickly: In other words, fewer clicks = massive rewards. Every minute of the day is valuable, so help your sales team be more effective with an easier automated sending process. You can even add triggered sends based on which stage a buyer reaches in the sales cycle to give your team more time back in their day.
  • Engage like a pro: Never miss an opportunity to engage with your customers. With our Microsoft Dynamics integration, you can set up email alerts whenever your prospect receives their send. The right follow up at the right time continues your personalized touch all through the customer journey.
  • Encourage event attendance: As we enter the age of hybrid events, your field marketing teams need a reliable way to maintain human-to-human connections with their audiences, whether they’re in the room or around the world. Enable them to send unique branded swag to attendees before your events and watch your attendance numbers skyrocket.
  • Report powerful metrics: Dig deep into the success of each and every campaign, and gather insights into influenced pipeline, closed-won opportunities, and more. All data between Microsoft Dynamics and Sendoso is automatically synced, so you’ll always have a clear, accurate overview into your sending analytics.

Minimize Your Effort, Maximize Your Impact

The world is changing (yet again), and your marketing, sales, and CX teams deserve a tool that can change with it and deliver the very best in agility, execution, and reporting – for no matter what era comes next. So whether you’re using Sendoso to automatically send something special after a great prospect demo, delivering a congratulatory bottle upon signing a renewal, or sending a surprise to attendees before each virtual event, our expanding list of integrations (right from within the platforms you use to run your business) will maximize your impact – and your ROI. It’s no longer about if you can send, but how to integrate those sends into the applications you use every day to see powerful campaign results. The possibilities are truly endless.

Happy (easier) sending!

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