April 24, 2020

Sendoso Leads in Account-Based Execution, Direct Mail Automation, Account-Based Direct Mail, and Promotional Product Management Software

Brittany Klokkenga
Brittany Klokkenga

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G2 released their Spring 2020 Grid Report last month, and Sendoso has once again been named a leader in multiple categories: Account-Based Execution, Direct Mail Automation, Account-Based Direct Mail, and Promotional Product Management.

And out of nearly 58,000 software companies on G2, we’ve also been ranked number four on G2’s list of the fastest growing companies in 2020. We’re honored to have been rated so highly by our customers, and will continue innovating with new features that help them as we navigate the new playing field together.

We are dedicated to delivering features that serve our customers needs and we take every piece of feedback seriously.

In fact, it was because of customer feedback that we pushed an early release of our new Address Confirmation feature last month, allowing our customers to ask recipients to confirm their address before an item is sent so it’s delivered to wherever they are right now. We’ve also added more Sendoso Direct, Sendoso Choice, and eGift options to help our customers connect in relevant ways and support local businesses during times of uncertainty.

Like many companies, Sendoso has adopted a remote-work model for the time being. But our purpose has never been more important: enabling companies to maintain human connections and keep deals moving forward, no matter where people are working.

Let’s dive deeper into what exactly our customers say they value about the platform and how G2 determines category leaders.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Of Sendoso’s 318 G2 reviews, 97.5% of customers rated us as either four or five stars. Here are some of the top reasons why:

1. Customers are accelerating business growth by sending direct mail, gifting, and swag at the right time during the buyer’s journey.

Exciting platform with quick ROI. –Kendal C
Sendoso helped us reach prospects that are up-funnel, start a conversation around specific campaigns while lowering our customer acquisition cost. It has also been valuable to engage existing customers in up-sell opportunities. Super easy to use and branded with our company logo. –Jeff B

2. Teams are staying agile, relevant, and differentiated with the ability to send so many different things (swag, eGifts, handwritten notes, sweet treats, etc.).

Sendoso is the best way to build client rapport and long-lasting business relationships! –Lauren E
I love that there’s so many different options to send prospects, between amazon, flowers, edible arrangements, egifts, etc. The selection is huge and gives me an opportunity to really make things thoughtful and stand out above the noise. –Marley E

3. Sending can be integrated with your marketing, sales, and customer software—bridging the gaps between your go-to-market teams.

Marketing and Sales both love Sendoso! –Kate A
Sendoso is the only solution out there that offers great gifting as well as integrations with Salesforce and Marketo. Sendoso enables your sales team to gift to who they want, when they want as well as gives you options as a marketer to build direct mail account-based programs that matter. –Katie D

Find out what other Sendoso customers have to say here. With more than 300 reviews of our solution, let’s take a look at what G2’s scoring process is like.

How G2 Identifies Category Leaders

G2 scores products and vendors by accumulating reviews left by their community of users and aggregating data from social media and various online sources. Scores are allocated based on two key factors: user satisfaction, or “Satisfaction,” and overall prevalence in the market, or “Market Presence.”

Satisfaction and Market Presence scores are determined by:

  • Product popularity from across the web
  • The number of reviews and overall review quality
  • Employee, web, and social presence growth
  • The age of G2 reviews
  • Customer and employee satisfaction

What Does Being a G2 Leader Mean?

When a company is leading a category on G2, that means, out of every platform that qualifies to be included, that organization has the highest Satisfaction and Market Presence scores.

Let’s dive deeper into the Direct Mail Automation, Promotional Product Management, Account-Based Execution, and Account-Based Direct Mail categories.

Direct Mail Automation

To be considered a leader in the Direct Mail Automation category, a platform must:

  • Allow users to upload and manage lists of physical addresses
  • Offer design features or templates
  • Offer design features or templates Facilitate the printing, postage, sending, and tracking of direct mail

Sendoso allows you to send direct mail, gifts, and swag by uploading addresses or gathering the necessary mailing information from your CRM or marketing automation databases. Branding is easy to upload into team templates to ensure everything you send is consistent and adheres to messaging and style guidelines.

Our Print-On-Demand feature enables you to add custom designs to handwritten notes, Post-It notes, and printed notecards to your sends. With a click of a button, you’re empowered to print, ship, and track when items are received or redeemed in real-time.

Promotional Product Management

To be considered a leader in the Promotional Product Management category, a platform must:

  • Manufacture or source promotional products
  • Provide real-time inventory management to keep track of promotional product inventory levels
  • Store all promotional products within a warehouse
  • Distribute promotional products by at least one of the following methods: bulk fulfillment, individual product drop shipments, digital link fulfillment and/or directly through orders via CRM software
  • Provide basic reporting and tracking capabilities related to budget, spend, and/or conversion rates

Sendoso works hand-in-hand with merchandise distributors from across the world to source promotional products for our customers. Products are stored at our warehouses across the globe and itemized in real time so you know what items you have stocked and when it’s time to order more. You can even automate re-ordering to our warehouse when your inventory is running low.

Our solution also enables you to distribute promotional products via bulk fulfillment, link fulfillment, and directly via CRM (for sending on a one-to-one basis). Everything you source, store, and send is tracked so you have full visibility into budgets, campaign reporting, and spend versus closed-won deals.

Account-Based Execution

To be considered a leader in the Account-Based Execution category, a platform must:

  • Create highly personalized campaigns across multiple channels
  • Deliver marketing content on an account-by-account basis
  • Effectively plan when and where marketing content is distributed
  • Align efforts between sales and marketing departments
  • Save time and money by only spending resources on accounts with a high conversion probability
  • Build lasting relationships with accounts to improve retention and create new opportunities

Sendoso allows you to send personal physical and digital items via online and offline channels. Senders can create memorable, personalized touch points on a one-to-one, one-to-few, and one-to-many account basis.

Our integrations with CRM and marketing automation tools helps to create alignment across your marketing and sales teams. Marketers can automate campaigns to plan when and where marketing content is delivered, as well as target engagement on accounts with the highest conversion probability based on information like technographic and firmographic data.

Visibility into performance metrics helps marketers understand which sends are most effective so they can optimize their strategy and allocate budgets to accounts that are most likely to purchase. Sales can follow up faster by knowing when items have been sent, clicked, delivered, or redeemed. By rallying behind a unified ABM outreach strategy, our customers are able to create new opportunities, build rapport, and maintain lasting relationships.

Account-Based Direct Mail

According to G2, to be included in the Account-Based Direct Mail category, a product must:

  • Provide the ability to send personalized, one-to-one direct mail, or gifts, to contacts within a company’s targeted accounts
  • Enable companies to measure the impact and ROI of an account-based direct mail campaign (e.g., meetings or calls scheduled)

Our Sending Platform empowers you to send highly personalized, one-to-one direct mail, gifts, and swag to your target accounts. You can even give prospects highly personalized gifts tailored to their unique interests and hobbies. If a prospect mentioned they’re a golf enthusiast, utilize Sendoso’s Amazon integration to select a gift that’s sure to be a hole in one. We’ll ship it to our warehouse, repackage it with your branding, and ship it to your prospect.

Not only will you build vital relationships, but you’ll also get real-time delivery notifications which enable speedier follow up. Reporting features help you track the status of opportunities in your campaign and measure ROI.

Our Mission in 2020 and Beyond

We’re honored to have been named a leader in these categories, and we remain dedicated to helping companies build authentic relationships in a digital world. As we look at our product roadmap for the rest of the year, we’re keen on building features that help our customers save time, deliver more personalized experiences,  and see measurable ROI.

Thanks to all of the incredible customers who have partnered with us. We look forward to serving you in 2020.

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