April 19, 2024

Shop Small with Sendoso for National Small Business Week

Katie Penner
Katie Penner

Head of Sender Relations at Sendoso
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National Small Business Week is April 28 - May 4th and serves as a time to recognize the importance of small businesses to the economy and to shop small. Here at Sendoso, we partner with thousands of vendor partners to provide our customers with the most robust gifting marketplace available. Of those vendors, 48% are small businesses. 

Here are 20 of our small business partners to support during National Small Business Week:

1. COUP Champagne

COUP Champagne

COUP Champagne specializes in curating unforgettable moments through unique champagne gifts and experiences. Their bespoke gift sets are adorned with personalized touches, guaranteed to make a lasting impression. Whether it's a corporate event, client gift, or personal celebration, their products are meticulously designed to elevate any occasion. With a focus on exceptional customer service and customization, COUP Champagne ensures a top-tier gifting experience every time.

2. Ethik


Ethik is a business that focuses on connecting artisans from developing economies with global markets. These artisans, primarily women, are often involved in handcrafting products like beads, tapestries, and pottery. Ethik, led by a woman-led team, aims to provide these crafters with fair pay and consistent work, challenging the cycle of poverty and supporting economic empowerment. Their philosophy emphasizes the impact of stable income on a community thriving. 

3. Mini Melanie

Mini Melanie

Mini Melanie was founded by Melanie and Diana Moss, sisters who shared a passion for desserts inspired by their childhood experiences baking with their Viennese grandmother. Melanie, a culinary expert with prestigious training and recognition, including a win on Food Network’s CHOPPED, brings her dessert-making expertise. Diana, a former human rights lawyer and hospitality professional, ensures top-notch operations and customer service. Their business, based in Brooklyn, prides itself on crafting classic desserts with a twist, contributing to the local community through job training and food donations. 

4. Minny & Paul

Minny & Paul

Minny & Paul is a company based in Minnesota that specializes in creating unique, thoughtfully designed gift boxes using high-quality products from small-batch businesses. They offer a variety of gift boxes for different occasions, emphasizing local products and eco-friendly packaging. Their approach to gifting is centered on celebrating local businesses and providing a personalized touch to corporate and personal gifts.

5. A Gentleman’s Trove

A Gentleman’s Trove

A Gentleman's Trove is a company that offers upscale, curated gift boxes for men, focusing on quality and thoughtful selections without the need for subscriptions. They provide a wide range of gifts tailored to various interests and occasions, such as whiskey, golf, and technology. The company prides itself on including no filler items in their boxes, ensuring each product contributes to a meaningful gifting experience. 

6. Bonjour Bakehouse

Bonjour Bakehouse

Bonjour Bakehouse is a bakery based in Burlingame, California, specializing in freshly baked, handcrafted cookies with a focus on quality ingredients. They offer a variety of cookies, including options for special diets like vegan and gluten-free. The bakery is committed to environmental responsibility, using 100% compostable packaging, and supports local businesses by sourcing ingredients locally. They cater to both individual and corporate clients, providing personalized gifting options and shipping nationwide. 

7. Firebelly Tea

Firebelly Tea

Firebelly Tea offers premium loose leaf teas and modern steepware designed to enhance the tea drinking experience. They prioritize transparency in their ingredients, avoiding artificial flavorings and preservatives. Firebelly is also committed to sustainability, offering products that are organic and responsibly sourced. Their variety includes teas categorized by type, flavor, and health benefits. 

8. The Night Baker

The Night Baker

The Night Baker is a Toronto-based bakery founded by Mitch and Leanne, chemists turned bakers. They specialize in creating unique and delicious cookies, leveraging their background in chemistry to experiment with flavors and recipes. Their offerings include a range of soft and chewy cookies, available for delivery within Toronto and shipping across Canada.

9. Foli


Foli is a Canadian online plant shop specializing in delivering potted houseplants nationwide. The company was founded to make plant ownership easier and more enjoyable. They offer a range of plants suited for various environments, including options for beginners and pet-friendly varieties. Foli emphasizes sustainability with their business practices and engages with the community through local events. 

10. Letter Box Hamper

Letter Box Hamper

Letter Box Hamper is a UK-based company that specializes in creating luxury food and drink hampers that fit through a letterbox. They offer a selection of hampers filled with British-made products, which can be customized with personal messages and gift wrapping. The hampers cater to various tastes and occasions, including options for sweets, savoury items, alcohol, cheese, vegan products, and regional specialties. 

11. Oh!My Snacks 

Oh My Snacks

Oh!My Snacks is a snack subscription service that delivers personalized boxes of healthy snacks throughout Europe and the UK. Customers start by taking a quiz to tailor the contents to their dietary preferences and goals. Each box's selection is curated by nutritionists based on feedback, ensuring a customized snacking experience. The company emphasizes convenience, variety, and nutritional value in its offerings. 

12. Baseball BBQ

Baseball BBQ

Baseball BBQ is a company that creates unique grill tools and accessories inspired by baseball. They offer personalized and themed items like bat handle grill sets and cutting boards shaped like home plates, often featuring MLB team logos. Their products cater to baseball enthusiasts and are designed for both personal use and gifting. 

13. Verve Culture

Verve Culture

Verve Culture is a company dedicated to offering artisan and handmade home goods and gourmet foods from around the world. They focus on supporting global artisans and craft traditions, offering items like cooking kits, kitchen tools, and cultural products from regions like Mexico, Thailand, India, Morocco, and Italy. Verve Culture aims to connect consumers with the stories and traditions behind the products, promoting cultural appreciation and sustainable practices. 

14. Harvest Chocolate

Harvest Chocolate

Harvest Chocolate, based in Tecumseh, Michigan, is dedicated to creating seasonal bean-to-bar chocolates. They focus on simple, organic ingredients to produce a variety of vegan and gluten-free chocolates. The company emphasizes crafting flavors that reflect the emotions of each season and offers chocolate bars, snacking chocolates, and unique chocolate tasting experiences. They are committed to quality and the craft of chocolate making.

15. Drops of Dough

Drops of Dough

Drops of Dough is a company dedicated to making premium frozen cookie dough and award-winning ice cream sandwiches. Founded in 2019 by Erin and Cameron, the company also focuses on philanthropy, dedicating 5% of product sales to funding osteosarcoma research, inspired by personal stories from their community. They emphasize quality and taste, ensuring their products are enjoyed while supporting a meaningful cause.

16. Fatty Sundays

Fatty Sundays

Fatty Sundays, founded by sisters Ali and Lauren, is a New York-based company specializing in gourmet chocolate-covered pretzels. Their business is driven by a family recipe, aiming to reinvent a classic snack with unique flavors and eye-catching packaging. Fatty Sundays focuses on creating delicious, customizable gift options for celebrations and corporate events. They pride themselves on delivering exceptional customer service and a memorable, tasty product. 

17. Pretzelwich NYC

Pretzelwich NYC

Pretzelwich NYC specializes in crafting mini pretzel sandwich snacks known as "pretzelwiches." These treats feature two square pretzels with various fillings and are hand-dipped with toppings like nuts, drizzles, and sprinkles. Pretzelwich offers a delightful combination of sweet and salty flavors, aiming to provide a unique alternative to traditional party snacks. They ensure freshness by making products to order and offer nationwide shipping. 

18. Sweeter Cards

Sweeter Cards

Sweeter Cards combines the delight of greeting cards with gourmet chocolate in a unique product. Each Sweeter Card includes a bar of Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate, which is hand stirred in copper kettles. This innovative idea is perfect for various occasions, and the company also offers corporate gift options. Their products emphasize quality and thoughtfulness, making card-giving a delicious experience.

19. Cut Golf

Cut Golf

Cut Golf is dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable golf balls by cutting out unnecessary expenses. They offer a range of golf balls designed for different skill levels and preferences, emphasizing tour-level performance at competitive prices. Their products are manufactured to high standards in the same facilities as more expensive brands. Cut Golf aims to deliver exceptional value and customer satisfaction with a range of golf balls, apparel, and accessories. 

20. Loved & Found

Loved & Found

Loved & Found specializes in custom and curated gift boxes that cater to various occasions and recipients, from corporate gifting to personal celebrations. Their service is notable for its elegant presentation and thoughtful selection of items, designed to make gifting an effortless and memorable experience. They also provide options for customization and bulk orders, enhancing their appeal to both individual and business clients.

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