April 25, 2024

The 7 Ways You Should be Promoting Your Conference Sponsorship


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Face-to-face meetings are no doubt the most valuable types of meetings. So when sponsoring a conference or hosting ancillary events, it’s important to put all of your marketing and sales efforts into them to get the most out of the event.

Here are the seven ways you should be promoting your conference sponsorship:

1. Marketing Emails

For a big show, I start promoting 4 weeks ahead of the conference. I like to start with over a week gap for the first two weeks and then closer to the conference, make the cadence between each touch shorter. In these emails, include booth information, speaker sessions, and party sponsorships.

2. Direct Mail

Integrating Direct Mail into conference promotions will lead to higher engagement with the right people at the event. Whether it’s a postcard to swing by your booth or a gift bundle to invite prospects to an event, direct mail is an added touch to show your interest in meeting with that account.

Here’s one we’re doing for SiriusDecisions this year:

3. Social Posts

Using Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook together to promote events or booking a meeting can help reach a larger audience with having your company followers liking and sharing.  We share our posts internally on a channel dedicated to social on Slack. It keeps it easy for our team to read what’s going on and promote posts to their connections!

4. Paid Ads

For a targeted conference, it’s helpful to leverage Linkedin and Twitter advertising to see if you can catch interest this way. For example, with Marketing Nation Summit coming up, we promoted our LinkedIn post to Marketo User Groups.

5. Blogs

Blogs are a great way to start a conversation about conference approaching as well as shout out customer sessions. Tip: This is also great for post-event outreach because it gives prospects you met with to read something relevant to them.

6. Sales Email Touch

ADRs/SDRs should outbound to book meetings as a final push towards a conference. Enable them with the list, email cadence, and conference information.

7. Sales Call

For your top accounts that you want to get in front of, call them personally to invite them to your event. No one does this and I guarantee inviting that prospect you’ve been trying to get a meeting with forever to your event with food, cocktails, and networking is a great door opener!

Hope these tips help get you ready for conference season.

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