July 3, 2018

The Age Of Customer Experience

Sruthi Kumar
Sruthi Kumar

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As consumers we all tend to return to the same brands over and over again. Sometimes those purchasing options are because you have been hit with retargeting ads for a great flight deal because you just looked at Southwest for a potential vacation idea. Or you see a sponsored ad on Instagram because you recently liked a similar brand’s post. At the end of the day, no matter how the brand got in your face, people do practice brand loyalty.

What is the main building block of brand loyalty? Having  excellent customer experience with a brand is the leading influencer for brand loyalty.

Your prospects and customers feel your level of customer experience spanning from your website chat to your marketing emails. In an age where every business is trying to excel at customer experience, why wouldn’t you try direct mail to help with this goal?

Let’s see 3 simple ways to use direct mail to help you excel at Customer Experience:


Start with something small and simple. After an initial demo call, still shoot off that post demo email outlining the action items from the call, but supplement it with a handwritten note. Your prospect will get the letter a few days later and will either be encouraged to work with you on a quicker timeline and they will be excited to work with you. The act of a handwritten note is a small gesture, that exemplifies the saying “it’s the thought that counts.”


If you want something more immediate, send an e-Gift. If you have been working on an account as a CSM or AE and you know your champion has a long week coming up, shoot them a $5 coffee e-gift card, letting them know that you noticed that they would need the extra caffeine to get through the week. It is a thoughtful and quick way to show that you are listening to them.


Booze and Sweets is an easy way to show a customer you care! When building external business relationships, you end up getting to know those point of contact pretty well.

Our marketing team works hard at building strong partnerships so we can run marketing activities together. One of our main contacts from a partner company  was out for a bit. We learned that he had hurt his collarbone, so we sent them a bottle of champagne with a handwritten note saying, “Since you can’t pop your collar right now, pop this bottle of champagne instead”  It was a simple way to show that we cared about our relationship with him and his company.

Customer experience ranges from a net new prospects, to current customers, to business partners. Leverage these 3 simple tactics to make sure you are covering all your bases for an improved Customer Experience!


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