January 24, 2023

The Five Business Love Languages

Nancy Shenker
Nancy Shenker

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I just returned from Sendoso’s Elevate 2023 conference. It was wonderful; insightful, educational, and connecting — and of course Insta- and LinkedIn-worthy!

I got to  thinking about one of my fave pop psychology tools.

Perhaps you’ve taken the Five Love Languages® quiz.

It helps you identify those things that “push your (good) buttons” and bring you joy in relationships and in life.

Most of them have application to business as well.

  1. Words of affirmation. What professional doesn’t like to hear that they’re doing a good job? Whether you’re selling a new product/service, managing a team, or job-hunting, lead with a compliment or two. When cold-calling, do a little LinkedIn research to see what your prospect has accomplished or posted recently.
  2. Physical touch. Heck no! Unless you have express permission, don’t go there. We all know why.
  3. Acts of service. What can you to do help other business people? I’m not suggesting that you visit their home to do the dishes or laundry. But I’m always wowed when a SaaS company takes care of a tech problem quickly.
  4. Quality time. Your customers, prospects, and co-workers are balancing life and work. Be respectful and efficient. When Sendoso invited me to their conference, I was thrilled. It was a great way to learn about gifting and how it fits within today’s go-to-market strategy.
  5. Gift giving. Timeless and effective, gifts show someone that you value their time and business. The best gifts are those that are targeted specifically to someone’s tastes, hobbies, lifestyle/lifestage, or business needs. When combined with “words of affirmation,” gifts can be exceptionally powerful (e.g., “I appreciate the time you spent on the phone with me today” or “Congratulations on your promotion — well deserved!”

Sendoso is committed to making their direct marketing platform even more user-friendly than ever (which checks both Boxes 3 and 4).

They are also investing in developing integrations and analyses to help ensure that the gifts you’re giving really meet the needs of the people you’re sending to and you’re sending at the right time in your relationship.

Speaking of Love….

Some of the things I adored about Elevate 2023:

  • Meeting and hanging out with the warm and wonderful people of Sendoso and the eclectic group of attendees and speakers from a wide range of industries and roles.
  • The engaging keynotes and panels — which were just the right length. Quality time!
  • Tasty and healthy food options — which, frankly, should be its own love language.
  • The mere fact that I was invited to this exceptional gathering. When I told Sendoso’s Karen Steele that I was writing this blog, she generously agreed to post it on the company’s site. And, as a content writer, I know that qualified eyeballs = love in our industry.

So, keep on speaking that language, Sendoso!

Xoxo Nancy

Nancy Shenker

Nancy A. Shenker is a marketing innovator, brand builder, writer, speaker, and self-proclaimed rule breaker. She is 66 and likes to say, “I have dual citizenship in the analog and digital worlds.” A brand growth consultant and content strategist/writer, she established her own business — theONswitch — in 2003. A pop culture and retro fan, she loves live music (and vinyl), tech gadgets, movies, and random facts about history and culture. She is a champion of cross-generational collaboration, the author of the Thrive Global column, “The Silver Hair Playbook: How to Be a Bad-Ass >50.” Over the course of her 40-year business and marketing career, she has been a C-level executive at major consumer and business brands (Citibank, MasterCard, Reed Exhibitions), an entrepreneur (founder of theONswitch marketing), and a mentor to hundreds of small businesses and professionals at all stages. She has written six books and publishes AI/machine learning/robotics site EmbraceTheMachine and travel and lifestyle site www.BleisureLiving.com. She also is a member of the Forbes Agency Council. Nancy is on her fifth professional and personal “re-boot.” She has two grown daughters and two grandchildren.

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