May 29, 2018

They're All On It: 5 Departments Using Sendoso

Sruthi Kumar
Sruthi Kumar

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When talking to our 150 customers, it becomes clear that there is no ONE correct way to do direct mail. We have customers using direct mail for varied audiences, for different goals, and most obvious, companies are using Sendoso in different departments.

Sales Development:

Whether you call them your SDRs, BDRs, or ADRs – they are all trying to get attention from your prospects. And that is a challenging job, especially when you are trying to stand out in your prospect’s email inbox, with the hundreds of other emails in their inbox.

What we have seen SDRs send:

Send personalized gifts (Alumni & Local Team gear via Amazon) Books on a relevant topic to the prospect or their company eGifts before a meeting Onesies for those prospects with a newborn!

What our customers have seen:

When sending an e-Gift card in an email, LiveRamp’s SDRs saw 35% conversion from cold contacts to meetings.

Cool fact! Generally after a direct mail touch occured they’d get a response between 1-2 days rather than to 30 days-never response time they were getting.

Procore also used e-Gifts prior to meetings and they saw 20% increase in demo show rate.

Cool fact! Those accounts also had a  20% higher chance of closing with a faster sales cycle.

Field Marketing:

The Field Marketing Team is looking to drive more brand awareness, let people know what you do, and open the doors for your prospects. They are doing everything under the sun to to do this: they are using ad targeting, gathering leads from conferences, running SEO, and email marketing.

What we have seen Field Marketing send:

Company branded baseballs for a baseball event Branded Wine Personalized lego characters to match the prospect’s LinkedIn photos

What our customers have seen:

With Sendoso, Pendo saved 20 hours from in-house efforts from when they were packing T-shirts and mailing cupcakes themselves. When sending booze to top prospects, LiveRamp saw a 33% increase in event registrants.

Sales Acceleration:

Sendoso has been used in all stages of the sales cycle, like before the first meeting, to drive executive alignment (send a handwritten note), including multiple buyers in the deal (locked up wine bottle to the buyer and key to your advocate), Negotiation (potential buyer is edge of closing deal, but needs that extra encouragement, send a personal touch – locked bottle of champagne with handwritten note)

What we have seen Sales Send:

Send an eGift before the first meeting Send a handwritten note to drive executive alignment on a deal Sending a locked wine bottle to the buyer and key to the advocate in order to include multiple buyers in the deal

What our customers have seen:

Using Sendoso, Pendo saw 5x higher close rate for deals touched by direct mail vs those not touched with direct mail.

Demand Gen:

Demand Gen, are hosting webinars & creating content to reach your key prospects. Using Sendoso here is key, because it’s great to reward prospects that are are engaging with your company.

What we have seen Demand Gen Send:

e-Gifts after a prospect has registered for a webinar A company branded pen & notebook for folks who attended the webinar

What our customers have seen:

Lingo Live’s door opener campaign with branded swag and handwritten note were associated with 14% closed won ops and 8% new opps from single campaign. Over a 6 month period with 12+ Sendoso campaigns they saw that 22% of all closed won revenue was touched by direct mail.

Customer Success:

Customer Success are the ones hand enabling the customers you have worked so hard to bring on board. As your customers turn into fans of your great product, a personalized one-off send can be an added relationship builder. Customer Success is building a team of advocates who will recommend product to their clients and partners as well

What we have seen Customer Success Send:

Personalized gifts for the customer – by this time you have the personal relationship that gives you inside knowledge on the person.

What our customers have seen:

LiveRamp’s customer success team sends bottles of whiskey with handwritten notes to keep that personal touch.

There is no one way to use Sendoso for direct mail and gifting. Your whole team and the various departments you work with can use it to build a stronger and farther reach into your top target accounts and customer base.

Read more on how our customers have leveraged Sendoso through different teams here:


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