August 24, 2022

6 things to consider when you start strategic gifting


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Here at Sendoso, we never rest! We’ve recently rolled out new features designed to make sending gifts smarter, more efficient, and more effective. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to check out our latest features.

Of course, if you’re shopping around for a corporate gift sending platform, you want one that’s feature-rich. But features aren’t the only thing you should be thinking about when choosing a platform. It’s also important to understand what other value-adds a company brings to the table in addition to its software.

If you’re not sure what else to consider, you’ve come to the right place. Here are six things that should be an integral part of your evaluation.

1. Frequency of product updates

How many times has a piece of software you’re using simply stopped working because it hasn’t been updated in a while? Too often, companies will publish a piece of software and just forget about it. And after a while, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) or other features break, leaving users in the lurch. There’s nothing more frustrating than coming to work one day to find one of the tools you use to be successful… is now broken.

At Sendoso, we’re committed to regularly updating our platform. We release new enhancements monthly, and it’s one of the things that users love and appreciate about us. In fact, part of our process involves talking to customers and getting their feedback on what’s working and what they’d like to see improved.

2. Expertise in gifting and getting results

As we said above, when you’re looking for a corporate gifting platform, you want something that’s not just a piece of software. You want something that comes backed by expertise in both gifting and in getting results.

Custom marketing gift bundle that gets results

Custom marketing gift bundle that gets results

At Sendoso, we are working to redefine the way businesses engage through smart sending experiences. For us, that means fostering more “human to human” approaches to engagement, or H2H for short. We surveyed B2B marketing, sales, and CX leaders to get an idea of how well this novel approach works. Here are two key takeaways:

  • 80% of respondents said target audiences are fatigued by increased digital engagement
  • 90% said building a human/personal connection with buyers has become more important to closing sales

And as for results? Well, we’ve also analyzed our customers’ thousands and thousands of sends, (our term for “gifts”), to hone in on some very convincing stats:

  • $5M+ went to local businesses via Sendoso Direct
  • 70% of all eGifts were redeemed within four days
  • The average Address Confirmation time is only one day

The bottom line is that you need a platform that is designed to foster H2H connections, which in turn is going to generate the results you need to stand out in a very crowded, noisy world.

3. Expert advice on gift selection and navigating gifting laws

When is a platform more than just software? When the company behind it is your partner. That’s how we see our role when it comes to helping our users maximize the impact sending has on their business.

That’s why we offer opportunities for customers to leverage our expertise in gifting. We help customers every day curate thoughtful, useful, and unique gifts for their audiences. Either from your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM), or someone from our Send Curation team (aka in-house gifting experts), we can provide guidance on what types of gifts work for different situations (cold outreach, sales call follow-up, sales-closing thank you gifts, new hire onboarding, ABM efforts, and more).

Our sending experts can also help you ensure you’re not breaking any gifting laws when sending! That might seem extraneous, but there are a number of laws senders have to be aware of that affect what you can send, who you can send to, and where you can send it. And no one wants to accidentally break a law when sending a nice gift!

4. Satisfied Customers

Of course, the most important proof that a sending platform is right for you is social proof—testimonials from satisfied customers. Sendoso was named a leader and a Top 5 Best Software Product of 2022 by B2B software review platform G2.

G2 Top 100 Software Product Image

G2 Top 100 Software Product

You can check out what a number of Sendoso customers have said on the G2 platform, or head on over to our Customer Success Stories to learn about the impact Sendoso has made in countless businesses of all types.

5. A solid and ever-expanding gifting marketplace

We get it. Gift hunting can be exhausting and time-consuming. And yet a gift has the potential to land a great account, or to be ill-chosen and out of touch. Luckily for you, we are gift experts, and we are constantly finding unique, useful, and thoughtful gifts to add to our Sendoso Direct Marketplace. We do the quality checks. We build vendor partnerships. We ensure they can ship to your states or countries of choice. And, we make sure we provide you with options that range from being local, supportive of social causes, or that are just darn delicious!

We’re never done with building new vendor relationships. We are constantly on the lookout for the most applauded and recognized premium vendors to help you make an impact. Some of our newest vendors include sweetening your relationships with candy from Sugarfina or even celebrating a prospect or employee’s special occasion with bouquets from Urban Stems.

6. Global warehouse footprint and fulfillment capabilities

No more packing boxes, writing notes, mailing items, managing inventory, or maintaining a swag closet. Our dedicated teams of creative curators and warehouse experts are ready to handle everything for you. With Sending Fulfillment Centers in the US, APAC, and Europe, you can be rest assured that we own the entire process of your gift’s journey. From that first click when you select a gift, all the way to the kitting, custom messaging, and delivery to your recipient’s front door…we’ve got you covered.

Gift being shipped out of Sendoso Fulfillment Center Warehouse

Gift being shipped out of Sendoso Fulfillment Center Warehouse

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