March 14, 2024

Our Top Sendoso Features from 2024

Stephanie Spangler
Stephanie Spangler

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This post is brought to you by Sendoso Sr. Product Marketing Manager Stephanie Spangler.

You’ve undoubtedly read countless recaps and predictions in the last few weeks. This is not that.

Instead, it’s an appreciation post for the tremendous volume of innovative features that were delivered by our product, engineering, and design teams since March.

2020 was hard on many sales, marketing, and CX professionals who rely on making real, human connections to drive revenue for the businesses they support. At Sendoso, we’ve always believed those connections are achievable in a cluttered digital world. But because of social distancing, companies were forced to go all-in on digital tactics. This flooded inboxes, LinkedIn, and voicemails with uninteresting noise – and this is also what drove our team to not only deliver on our company’s mission but to overachieve.

Our product, design, and engineering teams worked hard (late nights, weekends, whatever it took) to deliver new features that made it possible for revenue-driving teams to connect with hard-to-reach buyers and customers in entirely new and creative ways despite any physical distance.

Let’s take a look back at the top features launched in 2020 that helped our customers stay connected to theirs:

Our Top Sendoso Features from 2020


Social distancing began, so we quickly pivoted and launched new features Address Confirmation and Sendoso Choice.

Address Confirmation

Address Confirmation ensures your sends are landing wherever buyers are currently working as we know most are working remotely. You can ask recipients to confirm or edit their address before anything is sent. See how Address Confirmation works.

Sendoso Choice.

Sendoso Choice allows you to curate bundles of 2-4 eGifts from various categories and let your recipients choose their favorite. Think Uber Eats to support local restaurants or Amazon and CVS for purchasing essentials. You can also include the option for recipients to select donate the eGift amount to charity.


Engaging employees after months of working from home was top of mind for everyone, so we launched an integration with Enboarder to help people teams stay connected to employees they hadn’t seen in-person since March.

Enboarder Integration

The Enboarder integration enables HR to add personalized gifts, branded swag, and eGifts throughout the employee experience journey within any Enboarder workflow. Think coffee and lunch eGifts, virtual happy hours with cocktail kits, and succulents to bring new life to home office desks.


We knew social distancing was part of our new reality, so we equipped our customers with hyper-relevant sending options and Send Tracker to help them track the status of their sends.

Hyper-relevant Send Options

Send one of 150+ new eGift brands, including Wayfair, so recipients working from home can spruce up their home office space. These new eGifts options also include brands relevant to international recipients working all around the world.

Send Tracker

Send Tracker shows you where your eGifts or packages are in the process of sending and delivery, helping you know exactly when to follow-up with your recipients. You can easily drill into the specifics of each send with quick links to tracking info via UPS, FedEx, and more.


Many CFOs began scrutinizing every budget line item, so we launched our Analytics Dashboard to help our customers prove ROI for their sending efforts, and Sendoso University to help new customers see immediate time-to-value.

Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard helps you know exactly how Sendoso is impacting both open and closed-won opportunities.

Sendoso University

Sendoso University provides user-friendly, instructional videos that help your team become sending experts on their own time. Plus, Sendoso University is built right into the Sendoso app for easy access.


With months of social distancing behind us, we knew it was time to get even more creative, so we delivered new ways for our customers to connect like Meeting Scheduler and new ABM integrations.

Meeting Scheduler

Meeting Scheduler helps you book more meetings while preserving your budget at the same time. You can ask prospects to schedule time with you via Calendly, ChiliPiper, and Hubspot before an eGift is automatically sent.

ABM Integrations

ABM integrations automatically trigger sends, digital or physical, based on any of your ABM custom fields in Salesforce or your Marketing Automation Platform. New ABM integrations include 6sense, Terminus, Bombora, Engagio, and Rollworks. Just look at all these integrations available with Sendoso!

As we look to 2021, we know that maintaining relationships from a distance will be a continued focus, because the way we all do business has been permanently altered. Sendoso—and our dedicated Product, Engineering, and Design teams—will be here to continue enabling you to build stronger, deeper, and more trusted relationships with creative and innovative sends.

Stay tuned for what we have in store!

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