July 7, 2023

Top Tips for Building Stronger Connections with Buyers at Every Stage


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Building strong relationships with prospects and customers is the key to any successful marketing strategy, especially in a competitive business environment during unpredictable times. That’s where intent data and strategic gifting can do the heavy lifting.

6sense’s platform leverages intent data to understand where your buyer is in their journey and exactly what they want at any given time. And Sendoso is waiting in the wings to send a personalized gift that will move the buyer down the funnel.

Sound too good to be true? This marketing match made in heaven is the real deal. Keep reading to learn more about breaking into target accounts, why you need an In-Market Ideal Customer Profile, and our top ABM plays for marketing and sales teams at every level.

How to Break into Target Accounts

Breaking into target accounts is hard enough as it is, so why make it harder by cold calling every person who downloads an eBook or a white paper? You need to work smarter, not harder.

With intent data from 6sense, you can actually see and decode what your audience wants, so you can avoid guesswork and not waste your time sending the wrong message or gift to the wrong contact.

Tip #1: Understand your audience and send a personalized gift.

This tip may seem obvious, but if you’ve ever received a gift that seemed totally out of left field and not at all what you wanted, then you know the difference between a good gift and a bad gift. Typically, the better someone knows you, the better the gift is.

It’s the same with gifts for prospects! You can use 6sense data to personalize your gifting or direct mail strategy. With all the information you’ll get on a prospect’s interests and behavior, you’re certain to be empowered with lots of gift ideas tailored to them. This will help you create targeted and extremely effective gifting campaigns to boost engagement and conversion rates. And you know Sendoso has no shortage of unique gifts for you to choose from when you’re ready. Win-win!

Tip #2: Leverage intent signals to send the perfect door-opener.

Another tactic is knowing the exact right time to send a personalized message or door-opener to your target account. There are crucial moments in the buying stage, like when a prospect is taking the time to compare your company and your competition. If only you knew exactly when that was happening, you’d be able to jump in at just the right time with your best pitch.

With 6sense intent data, you can look at a prospect’s search terms to tailor a message to their specific keyword searches and buying stage. And you’ll even get a heads up when a target account is researching your competition! Then, you can be prepared with a message or a gift or a comparison battle card to prove why your company is the best decision. Almost like magic, right?

Tip #3: Speed up the buyer’s journey with a multi-channel strategy.

A multi-channel gifting strategy is the key to getting noticed in a time where we all have “banner blindness,” the reflex to automatically defend ourselves against every pop-up ad or banner that comes into our field of view. That’s why a strategy that leverages a combination of unique emails and gifts is the perfect way to stand out from your competition.

But be sure to consider the type of gift you’re offering and the budget you’re working with for each stage of the buyer’s journey. To craft a successful multi-channel campaign, you need to know where each account is in the buying process, so you can “read the room” and send the exact right gift for the moment.

For example, sending out a little gift during the early stages of the buying journey like when you’re trying to book a demo will help foster loyalty and a stronger relationship with your future customer without breaking the bank. Then, you can splurge on a bigger-ticket item when trying to seal the deal with a long-term agreement.

It’s all guided by AI insights from 6sense, so you can spend less time guessing and more time gifting.

What’s an IICP and Why Do I Need One?

Although ABM is more targeted than most other forms of marketing, you still need to ensure that prospects are in the market for your product and have the budget before wasting valuable time and resources. The best approach is to identify your Ideal Customer Profile and then redirect your efforts to those that are in the market for your product or service.

That’s where an In-Market Ideal Customer Profile (IICP) comes in. IICPs are game-changers for sales and marketing teams, because they allow you to find companies that fit your ICP and are also seeking a solution that your product can provide.

Now that you’re thoroughly convinced of why you need IICPs, it’s time to reveal how you can find them. You’ll need to uncover the early-stage signals that indicate a company is seriously in the market for your product, like  increased website traffic or more social media engagement.

Luckily, 6sense can provide a high-level overview of accounts engaging with your efforts, then drill down further into specific channels to bring you the insights you need to build an effective campaign.

Strategic Plays Using 6Sense and Sendoso for ABM Success

Armed with 6sense, Sendoso, and our top ABM insights, your team will be well-equipped to break into target accounts and build strong connections with buyers. The best part is that your life will be simplified, allowing you to almost effortlessly increase the quality of your pipeline and stand out from your competitors.

Ready to put some of these tactics into practice? Now that you know a bit about the magic of 6sense and Sendoso, you can effectively personalize gifts and messages based on the buyer’s journey and work on building stronger relationships with your customers today.

Download the full playbook to reveal our top three plays. We have an ABM-focused play for every level: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Choose the play that works for you, or try them all!

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