January 2, 2024

Why Your Direct Mail Campaign Needs Handwritten Notes

Grace Dille
Grace Dille

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In the digital age of computers and smartphones, how often do you hand write anything anymore? When was the last time you received a note in your mailbox instead of your email inbox?

Nowadays, direct mail is rare. But people everywhere are feeling such a sense of digital overwhelm right now that we actually value physical mail more than an email. A handwritten note is valued by your recipients 24 percent more highly than something they can only see on their screen, like an email.

It’s not hard to understand why: A handwritten note is personal. It’s special. It’s easy to understand and it’s far more persuasive. When you send a handwritten note, your prospect is 30 times more likely to respond to it than an email.

Using handwritten notes in your direct mail campaign allows you to create a more genuine relationship with a prospect and show them that you care.

At Sendoso, we realize that a handwritten note has a greater impact on our prospects and has a better response rate. That’s why we make it easy for you to send handwritten notes—without even picking up a pen.

How to Easily Send 1,000s of Handwritten Notes in Direct Mail Campaigns

Many companies claim they offer “handwritten” notes in their direct mail campaigns, but that often means simply printing off notes with a font that resembles handwriting. But don’t worry; every single one of our notes is penned with love by an actual person from our warehouse handwriting team.

To ensure quality, we screen each of our hand writers and ask them to provide a sample. We also try to match our hand writers so that the note is as authentic as possible: If the sender is a male, we do our best to assign it to a male hand writer (and vice versa). This way, you can rest easy knowing that your note looks like it’s coming from you and not a robot or a five-year-old.

Once we send off your note, you will be able to track when it ships from our warehouse and when it’s delivered to your recipient. And this isn’t just for one-off gifts! We’re able to add a handwritten note to each of the thousands of boxes you might be sending out for any direct mail campaign.

We also allow you to create templates for your handwritten notes and share them across teams. You can send a handwritten note on its own or attached to any direct mail campaign you want. Puns are always a great way to connect the handwritten note to an item and really grab your prospect’s attention.

One note-and-gift combo we love is sending a handwritten note with a $5 coffee gift card or some coffee beans. The note can say something like, “Thanks for your interest in our company. We love you a latte.” This friendly note is sure to make them smile and they’re more likely to follow up after that caffeine boost!

With a sending platform, crafting an amazing direct mail campaign is no longer time-consuming. It’s no longer impossible to track. Now, you can utilize our handwritten notes and send them out by the masses—all while building your prospect’s trust and getting better response rates.

With the ease of sending a handwritten note at the click of a button, we’re able to scale handwritten notes like we never have before. And the options are endless! Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside of the box with your direct mail campaign.

Want more ideas for handwritten notes and gifts you can send in your direct mail campaign? Check out our eBook for 63 unique ways you can use direct mail in the digital age.

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