March 3, 2024

Your Dreamforce 2024 Schedule: Must-Attend Sessions for Sales, Marketing & More

Brianna Valleskey
Brianna Valleskey

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If you haven’t figured out your Dreamforce 2019 schedule yet, you’re not alone. The conference offers more than 2,700 sessions across multiple roles, products, levels, and more. So where can you even start?

Never fear fellow lovers of technology and knowledge. Sendoso has got your back.

We’ve picked out the five must-attend sessions to help you grow in your profession and optimize your Dreamforce 2019 schedule. Keep reading to find our recommendations for marketers, sales leaders, customer support, operations, and human resources.

(Note: Dreamforce sessions are still being announced. So keep checking back to see new and improved sessions populate this list!)

Dreamforce 2019 Schedule for Marketers: 5 Must-Attend Sessions

Title: WAKE THE E.L.F UP! Recharging the Brand Experience

  • Speaker(s): Kory Marchisotto (CMO at e.l.f. Cosmetics)
  • Summary: Discover how e.l.fl Cosmetics used data-driven insights to respond to changing consumer dynamics and revamp their brand—from product to leadership—across the customer journey.

Title: Forrester: How MarTech Drives The Future of Engaging in Customers’ Moments

  • Speaker(s): Joe Stanhope (Forrester VP and Principal Analyst)
  • Summary: Come listen to one of Forrester’s top analysts share an idea of what the future of enterprise technology looks like and why two-way, real-time engagement is a critical element.

Title: From First-Touch to Advocate: Designing World-Class Customer Experiences

  • Speaker(s): Cliff Seal (Salesforce UX Lead)
  • Summary: This session will explore how to do effective customer research, leverage analytics and testing, and collaborate across departments to deliver experiences that get results.

Title: How to Engage and Grow Customer Relationships with Account-Based Marketing

  • Speaker(s): Liam Doyle (SVP of Product Management at Salesforce), Daniel Englebretson (Director of Integrated Marketing at Phononic) and Heather Stables (Salesforce)
  • Summary: Demystify account-based marketing by learning how to take an “account-first” approach to align marketing, sales, and service teams—and why it all starts in Salesforce.

Title: Salesforce on Salesforce: Building Sales and Marketing Alignment

  • Speaker(s): Kevin Baldacci (Senior Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce) and Daniel Newman (Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce)
  • Summary: Join the Salesforce team for a look behind the curtain on how they create, manage, and execute internal campaigns aimed at enabling sales reps. They’ll also share how they manage product launches and explore some of their most successful campaigns.

Title: How Salesforce Uses Pardot

  • Speaker(s): Bill Reed (Senior Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce)
  • Summary: This is another peek behind the scenes at how Salesforce’s team uses its own technology to engage people throughout the buyer’s journey, increase sales wins, and generate marketing ROI.

Title: Break Down Silos to Create Seamless Journeys with Your Customers

  • Speaker(s): Sarah Hatch (Senior Director of CSG Product Management at Salesforce)
  • Summary: Learn how Marketing Cloud Connect can leverage data across your customer-facing teams in order to transform your view of marketing from just campaigns to a connected customer journey.

Dreamforce 2019 Schedule for Sales Leaders: 5 Must-Attend Sessions

Title: Sales Leadership: Research Shows How Far We’ve Come, and How Far We Have to Go

  • Speaker(s): Jason Jordan (Founding partner of Vantage Point Performance) and Katie Yeigh (Sales Cloud Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce)
  • Summary: Author of the best-seller Cracking the Sales Management Code Jason Jordan will dive into the best practices of world-class sales teams based on 12 years of research. You leave with a clear vision for the future of your sales force.

Title: Salesforce on Salesforce: How We Run a Fast-Paced Inside Sales Organization

  • Speaker(s): Krista Bauer (VP, Enterprise Business Development at Salesforce) and Leah Thomas Muller (VP of Sales Development at
  • Summary: Discover how Salesforce streamlines inside sales with offices and reps across the globe to build a well-oiled, strategic selling machine.

Title: The Big Gap in Your Sales Cadences: Your People

  • Speaker(s): Ethan Beute (Chief Evangelist at BombBomb)
  • Summary: This session offers a 3-step evaluation to determine when and where to add videos to your outbound outreach so that sales reps can add a human element to their communication and increase responses.

Title: How Enterprise Companies Stay Competitive Using Maps & Geolocation

  • Speaker(s): Joseph Harrington (ExxonMobil), Sandro Viselli (VP of Customer Success and Account Management at Geopointe), and Dolores Skarjune (Senior VP of Sales Administration for Globe Life)
  • Summary: Learn how two enterprise companies are using geolocation to transform their sales organizations from territory management to high-volume mobile rep use.

Title: 10 Paths to Business Growth and Innovation

  • Speaker(s): Tiffani Bova (Growth, and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce)
  • Summary: Salesforce’s growth and innovation evangelist will guide attendees of this session through 10 defined paths of business growth and how to determine the right combination of actions that fit with your specific organization.

Dreamforce 2019 Schedule for Customer Experience & Support: 5 Must-Attend Sessions

Title: Demystifying CX—Why Customer Feedback is the Key to Customer Loyalty

  • Speaker(s): Corrina Owens (Marketing & Demand Generation Manager at SpendHQ), Craig Shull (SVP of Partnerships & Alliances at GetFeedback), and Sateja Parulekar (VP of Product Marketing at GetFeedback)
  • Summary: This eye-opening session will help you understand the value of a CX program and how to connect it to Salesforce for maximum bottom-line impact.

Title: The New Age of Human-Centric Service

  • Speaker(s): Mark Abramowitz (VP of Product Marketing at Service Cloud, Salesforce), James Ashworth (VP at Southwest Airlines), Erica Ellington Taylor (Director at Southwest Airlines), Tracy Kelly (AVP, Shared Services Contact Center for John Hancock), Emily Kofsky (Sr. Director of Service Cloud Product Marketing at Salesforce), Bill Patterson (Salesforce), Martha Walchuk (Senior Director of Product Marketing at Service Cloud, Salesforce), Amy Wright (Co-Founder of Bitty & Beau’s Coffee), and Ben Wright (Co-Founder of Bitty & Beau’s Coffee)
  • Summary: In an age of ever-increasing support requests and customer expectations for a great experience, how can companies achieve the best of both worlds? This session will explore how organizations like Southwest and John Hancock are delivering human-centric service at scale.

Title: 5 Simple Steps to a Successful Voice of the Customer (VoC) Program

  • Speaker(s): Kimberly Powell (Director of CX and Support at GetFeedback)
  • Summary: GetFeedback’s Kimberly Powell will walk attendees through how to plan and launch a successful VoC program that gets results—all in five simple steps.

Title: How Box Uses “Voice of Customer” to Deliver a Mind-Blowing Customer Experience

  • Speaker(s): Christine Rimer (VP of Product Marketing and Customer Advocacy at SurveyMonkey), Jeffrey Coleman (VP of Customer Success at SurveyMonkey), Chase Zenger (Head of Customer Experience and Advocacy at Box), and Andrea Pasero (Customer Experience Manager at Box)
  • Summary: Learn how to implement a world-class VOC program from understanding the current state of your customer’s experience to leading your organization through a CX transformation, straight from the team who did it at Box.

Title: The Future of Service: Meet Your New Growth Engine

  • Speaker(s): Noah Flower (Salesforce) and Karen Semone (Director of Strategic Innovation at Salesforce)
  • Summary: How great companies build loyalty is changing faster than ever. This session will take a look five years into the future to dissect the types of customer experiences we should be working to create today, as well as how customer service could switch from beyond a cost center to a revenue driver.

Dreamforce 2019 Schedule for Operations & HR: 5 Must-Attend Sessions

Title: A Marketing Ops Story: How We Used Apps to Stop the Blame Game & Increase Growth

  • Speaker(s): Neil Crawford (Co-Founder of NC Squared) and Kris Latulippe (Marketing at NC Squared)
  • Summary: The NC Squared team will share about they used intelligent, automated, rules-based routing to ensure that marketing brought good quality leads—ultimately dropping the disqualification rate from 40% to 5%—so that sales could focus on closing better deals.

Title: What Sales Ops Can Learn From Agile Development

  • Speaker(s): Douglas Rybacki (CPO at Conga)
  • Summary: Operations professionals across your organization can learn how to adopt the agile development process with their digital transformation journeys to achieve success.

Title: Decluttering Your Org

  • Summary: Whether you’ve inherited a cluttered Salesforce org or yours is simply in need of a refresh, this intimate and interactive session will help you untangle it so that you no longer have 500 (give or take) unused fields on any given object.

Title: Top 10 Ways to Use Salesforce as an Employee Experience Platform

  • Speaker(s): Jodi Innerfield (Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Salesforce)
  • Summary: Happy employees lead to happy customers, but what does this mean for IT professionals? Join this session to learn 10 ways to build apps in Salesforce and leverage the org as its own Employee Experience Platform.

Title: How to Scale New Ways of Working

  • Speaker(s): Laura Hyde Page (Director of Innovation at Salesforce) and Nina Ziebarth-Pavlovich (Director of Strategic Innovation at Salesforce)
  • Summary: We know that disruption affects every industry, so the organizations within those industries must respond with new ways of working to navigate change. Learn from Fortune 500 firms and startups about how to create a clear, actionable strategy for introducing and cultivating new practices.

Did a rockstar session get announced that isn’t on this list? Email to let us know! And don’t forget to swing by the Send Zone to relax, recharge, and refuel during Dreamforce 2019.

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