March 6, 2024

20 B2B Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Budget in 2024

Grace Dille
Grace Dille

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B2B holiday gift ideas can be hard to come up with—even if you didn’t wait until the last minute. And it’s even harder to get them to arrive in time for the holidays!

A B2B gifting campaign can take anywhere from one to five weeks from start to finish. But during the holiday season, vendors and mail carriers will be overwhelmed with orders and fulfillment can take much longer than expected.

Our secret sauce for amazing B2B holiday gifts? Avoid the rush by planning early to ensure your recipients will receive their gifts before they leave the office at the end of the year.

Data we’ve collected from our customers across the globe shows that companies sent 92% percent more B2B holiday gifts in Q4 of 2018 than they did in 2019.

In addition, we found that companies send much more in October and November than they do in December in preparation for the holiday rush. We always encourage sales, marketing, and customer success teams to send their gifts as early as possible, allowing them to take the stress out of this busy season.

We get it: There’s a lot (and we mean “A LOT”) of logistics that go into planning a B2B gift campaign that will arrive in time for the holidays. That’s why we’re taking care of the gift brainstorming process for you.

We’ve organized our ideas into categories to fit your holiday gift campaign budget. You can use these ideas in your B2B programs or as an inspiration tool for your own ideas. ‘Tis the season for corporate gift planning!

20 B2B Holiday Gift Ideas to Fit Your Budget

B2B Gift Ideas Valued Under $20

1. Desk Succulent

Research shows that desk plants actually reduce stress levels in office environments and increase productivity in people!

2. Funny Desk Signs

Think: “I’m Kind of a Big Deal” or “What Would Beyonce Do?”

3. Book for Professional Development

Amazon is your friend here. Check out “To Sell is Human” by Daniel Pink or “Unmarketing” by Scott Stratten and Alison Stratten.

4. Mini Vacuum Keyboard Cleaner

No more dusty keyboards! This is a cute and practical gift.

5. Hot Sauce Sampler

Send them a variety of hot sauces to try with a note saying, “We think your team is on fire!”

B2B Gift Ideas Valued $20-$50

6. Aromatherapy Heatable Slippers

Perfect to put on after a long day of work!

7. Fondue Machine

Send this tasty gift with skewers, a recipe book, and a gift card for chocolate or cheese!

8. Year Subscription to A Newspaper

Purchase an online subscription to The New York Times or The Washington Post to keep them in the know.

9. Custom Cheese Board

Get them a cheese board engraved with their name. Now they can host guests in style!

10. Custom Chia Pet of Recipient

Speaks for itself. Who wouldn’t want to keep this on their desk?

B2B Gift Ideas Valued $50-$100

11. Crab-Eating Set

Send them a crab mallet, a stainless steel cracking set, Old Bay seasoning, and a bib. Things might get messy.

12. Office Putting Green

A mini golf game can help reduce stress and bring some fun to the office!

13. Retro Bundle

Send them a Polaroid camera and Polaroid pictures of your product!

14. Pickle of the Month Club

Each month they’ll receive a premium selection of award-winning delicious pickles. Need we say more?

15. Ember Temperature Controlled Ceramic Mug

Now they can keep their coffee hot at work all day long.

B2B Gift Ideas Valued Over $100

16. Custom Painting of LinkedIn Photo

This personalized gift is sure to wow your recipient.

17. MLB Game Used Baseball Bat Bottle Openers

The perfect B2B gift for baseball fanatics. You can select a used bat from any MLB team!

18. Office Robot Bartender

A robot bartender machine can make drinks for everyone in the office in minutes. (#OfficeGoals)

19. Booze Piñata

Pick out a fun piñata and fill it with mini bottles of liquor!

20. Fitbit or Motiv Ring

An activity tracker is something all fitness lovers can use.

These are just a few B2B holiday gift ideas you can incorporate into your Q4 campaigns. Remember to start planning early so that you can be sure your gifts arrive on time. We wouldn’t want these amazing holiday gift ideas to go to waste!

Want more B2B holiday gift ideas to fit your budget? Be sure to check out our 2019 Holiday Gift Ideas eBook filled with over a hundred more ideas! Grab your copy here.

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