March 2, 2024

20 Corporate Gift Ideas for the Holidays [Infographic]

Brianna Valleskey
Brianna Valleskey

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We get it: The holidays are quickly approaching and you hardly have time to think about corporate gift ideas for your customers, clients, prospects, and recruits—let alone plan an entire campaign.

Well, fear not, savvy business leader. Sendoso has got you covered.

We put together this easy-to-reference infographic with 20 corporate gift ideas that range from personalized and fun to professional and practical because we know that corporate gifting works.

Research shows that even a small gift can have a substantial influence on the success of sales negotiations. In some cases, they have been shown to increase revenue by more than 300%. And a study from the USPS found that not only do 83% of people enjoy getting packages, but 93% say they have a positive reaction when receiving a holiday greeting.

In addition to looking over the corporate gifting ideas below, check out this 5-minute webinar with tips and tricks for getting the most out of a holiday campaign (or read through this quick blog recap of the webinar for the same tactical tips).

Any other awesome corporate gift ideas you don’t see on this list? Give us a shout on Twitter at @sendosohq to let us know!

Corporate Gift Ideas For the Entire Customer Lifecycle

But these 20 corporate gift ideas are just the start. We put together a list of 100+ holiday gift ideas for prospects, customers, employees or recruits in one quick and easy eBook. Grab your free copy below!


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