December 11, 2020

Prepare for 2021 Prospecting with the Sendoso + Outreach Integration

Angela Vecce
Angela Vecce

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This post is brought to you by Sendoso Product Marketing Manager Angela Vecce.

I don’t need to write about all the 2020 clichés. We all get enough “unprecedented times” emails and hear it from Chris Harrison every Tuesday night on the Bachelorette. So let’s talk about something more optimistic: 2021.

As a previous sales development representative (SDR), I know the end of the year can be filled with mixed emotions. Am I going to hit my quota this month? Why am I held to a full quota for a quarter with three major holidays? Why is this prospect always out of office? Towards the middle of December, I would always come to the zen realization to let go of what I can’t control, and grab hold of what I could – kicking butt and taking meetings the next year.

So if you’re like me and are looking to plan your victory in the prospecting battle of 2021, here are four main areas of how you can use Outreach+Sendoso to claim your quota victory.

4 Ways Sendoso + Outreach Can Help You Hit Your Quota

1. Work Efficiently: Time is Money

We appreciate all the prospecting tools management provides, but the amount of tabs this creates can sometimes be a nightmare. All those logins, clicks, and juggling between tabs really adds up and takes away from what you need to do: book meetings. So let’s take one less tab off your browser window with the Outreach + Sendoso integration. Here are three things you can do, all in one tab:

  • Don’t leave your Outreach instance: Send a Touch directly from your Outreach instance to stay efficient with your time.
  • Add Sendoso as a Step in your Sequence: Never lose track of your multi-channel efforts by adding Sendoso as a step within your Sequence.
  • Know your history: View your prospecting history, including your Sendoso send activity, directly from the contact view in Outreach.

2. Segmentation = Personalization

I cannot stress this enough. Take the time you saved by sending a Sendoso Touch directly from Outreach, and put into a little more time into planning. Look at your account list. What are the industries? Who are the personas? What are their job roles? What is the contact’s history? I know not all SDRs are blessed with Sequence writers (I was not), so take this slower period of the year to segment your accounts, bucket them by common denominators (see above for inspiration), and start building. I’ll give you a few examples, free of charge:

  • Closed Lost Accounts: As you build your Sequence, make the first step a Sendoso Touch to make a memorable second-impression.
  • Decision Maker Personas: Add a coffee eGift card to send in an email directly after you leave a voicemail. They’ll be more inclined to listen to that voicemail and respond to your email!
  • Healthcare Industry: Send a Charity Choice eGift at around Step 4 or 5 in your Sequence. We are in a pandemic after all, so cut them some slack on their delayed response but show them you’re persistent and understand the altruistic work they’re providing.


Sending one, hyper-personalized gift isn’t going to be your silver bullet. A standalone direct mail send is not going to be your savior. Understanding your prospects needs and timing is. With the Sendoso + Outreach integration, you’ll have insights into the status of your send, directly from Outreach. Here’s what else you’ll be able to see and do:

  • Package was delivered? Email them right away.
  • eGift was redeemed? Give them a call.

4. Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Your prospects aren’t the only busy ones. You’re juggling a million things too, so that’s where automation comes in.

  • Executing on Segments: Once you’ve built your Sequences by segments, automatically add qualifying contacts into your Sequences. Start executing your emails, calls, and Sendoso sends directly from your Sequences. Pro-Tip: Have an eGift in your Sequence? Add a dynamic eGift link for secure, unique eGifts to your prospects, saving you the time of creating a link everytime!
  • Executing on Follow-Up: Another great feature of the integration—trigger an automatic email or call notification based on a send’s status. You know those follow-up tips above? Yeah, you can automate all of those, so you never lose sight of a hot lead and get yelled at by marketing for wasting budget.

Being an SDR is hard, and you might feel like a hamster stuck on its wheel. But with a little bit of planning (and a lot of breathing) you can feel pumped and ready to crush your 2021 quota using the Sendoso + Outreach integration.

Happy prospecting!

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