December 5, 2018

3 Corporate Gifting Ideas to Incentivize Survey Responses [SurveyMonkey + Sendoso]

Brianna Valleskey
Brianna Valleskey

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What do corporate gifting ideas have to do with survey responses? We’re glad you asked.

Our businesses depend on people: our buyers, our customers, our employees, and more. And running a successful enterprise requires understanding their needs so we can improve their lives and keep them engaged.

But we can’t assume we already know what those needs are; we have to ask. So we turn to surveys, which can be automated, personalized, analyzed, and integrated throughout your tech stack with SurveyMonkey, a leading global survey software company. They’re on a mission to power curious organizations, and we recently launched an integration with their platform so users can enhance their survey campaigns.

SurveyMonkey’s suite of products helps organizations collect and understand data from customers, employees, or target markets. With our new integration, SurveyMonkey’s users can utilize Sendoso’s service to send eGift cards, physical swag, or other gifts within survey workflows to drive responses from those audiences.

We’re incredibly excited about this new integration, so we wanted to share some corporate gifting ideas that can help incentivize survey responses throughout an organization. Check out three examples below.

Drive Survey Responses with These Corporate Gifting Ideas

1. Market Research Surveys

Understanding our buyers is key for any marketing strategy. But how can you ask someone to answer your questions if they’ve never interacted with your company before? They don’t owe you anything, and might even be put off by you requesting their time and information.

With our new SurveyMonkey integration, you can offer a $5 coffee eGift card to anyone who fills out the survey. Sendoso will automatically send the eGift to the email address provided in the survey. Not only can you get higher response rates, but your buyers will also have a pleasant interaction with your company because they received the gift.

2. Customer Experience Surveys

Customers are equally (if not more) important as our buyers. And purchasing our product or service one time does not guarantee they’ll continue to be a customer. We have to stay close and understand their current experience with our company and how we can improve.

Our SurveyMonkey integration also allows you to set up automated triggers that will send physical gifts to your respondents. So you can motivate customers to answer your surveys by offering a fun swag item (branded t-shirt, tote bag, baseball cap, etc.) in return. You gain a better understanding of how best to serve your customers, and they get to feel like part of your brand family.

3. Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Last, but certainly not least, we have our employees. The heart and soul of our organizations. We need to make sure that we’re taking care of them so that they can take care of our business. Sending out surveys once a quarter or every other quarter can help keep your ear to the ground of how satisfied your employees are at work.

Of course, asking them to respond to a survey can come off as yet another task. But rewarding them with a gift gives them the incentive to respond! Even if the majority of your team is offsite, a Sendoso trigger can ensure they receive that fancy foot hammock, portable phone charger, or ergonomic mouse. Your employees are valuable, so invest in their happiness and success!

These corporate gifting ideas can help you drive higher survey response rates and better understand the people who support your business. Remember to make them creative, thoughtful, and personalized so that they create a phenomenal brand experience.

Want some inspiration for corporate gifting ideas? You got it.


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