March 18, 2024

21 Employee Recognition Gift Ideas for Your Team in 2024


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Why is it so important to show employee recognition?

Whether it’s an award or a personalized gift (check out 100 unique gift ideas here), showing you recognize your coworkers that they’re appreciated will do wonders for your organization.

According to a study by Deloitte, organizations with a sophisticated employee recognition program in place were 12x more likely to have strong business outcomes and had 31% lower voluntary turnover.

Being appreciated is one of life’s pursuits of happiness — whether it’s in a personal relationship, friendship, or employment, you want to know those around you care.

According to several studies from Gallup, OC Tanner, and others, 79% of employees who quit their jobs cited a lack of appreciation as a major reason for leaving.

So if you’re looking for methods to reduce employee turnover, boost employee morale, and increase productivity, then an employee recognition program, powered by a gifting platform, is the way to go.

But where do you start?


  • What should employees be recognized for?
  • When to recognize employees and how.
  • 21 employee appreciation gift ideas.

How to Start an Employee Recognition Program in 4 Easy Steps

1. Ask "What Should Employees Be Recognized For?"

There are two major reasons to show employee recognition. 1) The first is for achievement or efforts in the workplace, 2) exhibiting desired behaviors, 3) going above and beyond expectations, and 4) celebrating their personal goals or milestones.When or how often should I recognize employees?There is a difference between recognition and appreciation. In a nutshell, recognition focuses on acknowledging one person at a time, usually after a job well done on a big project or stretch goal. While appreciation is reserved for recognizing something specific about a team member, like helping out with a presentation or going the extra mile on a new initiative. Appreciation can come in many forms, like writing team appreciation emails. But for employee recognition, great examples of workplace achievements to recognize include:

  • A promotion
  • Reaching a milestone
  • Completing a tough project
  • Winning a new client
  • Celebrating a work anniversary

Then for personal goals, it’s important to recognize employees for:

  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • Weddings
  • Welcoming new additions to the family

2. How Do I Make My Employees Feel Recognized?

It’s not so much the what or why you recognize employees as it is the how. You want to ensure you’re doing it and really showing your appreciation to help employees feel wanted and needed through proven employee recognition programs. This keeps your workplace filled with happy, productive employees. You’ll find there are various ways you can showcase employee recognition. Aside from offering corporate gifts, what are some of the best ways to give employees recognition?You can do things like:

  • Offer regular feedback to help team members improve
  • Ask for feedback to show you care about your team’s opinion
  • Regularly conversing with your team to mold relationships
  • Taking time to ask about life outside of work (family, personal projects, etc.)
  • Host an employee appreciation day
  • Creating employee recognition programs

The idea is to give time and attention to your employees to show you value and appreciate their hard work. Making this a part of your company culture is key so it becomes commonplace. This is especially necessary now that much of your staff may be working remotely. Consider finding employee appreciation gifts during COVID to keep your remote workers engaged.

3. Implement Recognition-Based Awards (here are some examples)

One effective way to show employee appreciation is through recognition-based awards. Let’s say you decide to host an awards ceremony for your hard-working employees. What do you give them?

  • You can start with employee appreciation gifts that are personalized for each team member. This is much better than opting for generic gifts you give to everyone.
  • If you don’t know what to give each employee, then you can always go with gift cards. In fact, eGift cards are excellent choices because there’s no shipping involved. They’ll receive their gift right away and can use it anytime to redeem whatever they want from the retailer.
  • You can also go with traditional awards, such as trophies with their photo and name, and/or framed awards with their name and what they’re being recognized for.

Here are other ideas to consider:

  • Gourmet sweets
  • Branded tumblers
  • Branded clothing
  • Fun desk items
  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • Local products

4. What Are Good Employee Appreciation Gifts?

Finding good employee appreciation gifts is an important, final step. When you’re trying to show your team members you appreciate their hard work, then you want to select gifts that fit the bill. The definition of a “good” employee appreciation gift comes down to the recipient. A gift that one recipient might love, another might not enjoy.Generic gifts are fine, but personalized corporate gifts are even better.

Give Gifts that are Personalized

Get to know the team member you want to gift to see what they like. Then based on their interests, you can choose an appreciation gift that resonates with them. This may be a wine basket, gift card to their favorite retailer, or even company swag personalized with their name on it.

Give Gifts that are Useful

Employee gifts can be something your team members can use for work or home. For instance, something to keep their work desk organized or a technological tool to improve their productivity.The goal is to find something that’s personalized, useful, and that resonates with your team. And, of course, that says, “Thank you for all your hard work.”

Here's a list of 21 staff appreciation gift ideas you can implement in your organization

1. Virtual Tasting and 8 Pack of Wine

Send with Sendoso via:In Good TasteGive your employees a 75-minute wine tasting session right from home. This is the perfect employee recognition gift to give during COVID. Then to help them enjoy their new wine-tasting skills, you can get them an 8-pack of wine.

2. Old Fashioned Kit

Send with Sendoso via:Present DayHave employees who enjoy a nice glass of whisky? Then they’ll love this old fashioned kit. This comes with Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey, Sour Cherries, Preserved Orange Slices, DSB Bitters, Jigger, and a Dark Chocolate Bar.

3. Just Breathe Spa Gift

Send with Sendoso via:Knack ShopsYour employees will appreciate you buying a gift of relaxation. This spa day box set comes with Coconut Bath Soak, Body Sea Sponge, Soy Wax Candle, Sea Urchin, and Mini Matches. It’s the perfect way to spend the evening or weekend after being at the office.

4. Potted Succulent

Send with Sendoso via:Yorkville’sA desktop plant serves as a reminder of the day you showed appreciation for your team member. This 4-inch Haworthia succulent is easy to take care of and helps to purify the air while adding humidity to the environment.

5. S'mores Gift Set

Send with Sendoso via:Knack ShopsEveryone (or at least, most people) enjoy chocolate and other sweet treats. So give your trusted employees something to nibble on to show you’re thrilled with their performance lately. This comes with 2 Dark Chocolate Bars, 18 Graham Crackers, 10 Vanilla Bean Marshmallows, and 2 Stainless Steel Roasting Sticks.

6. Culinary Box

Send with Sendoso via:Present DayMaybe you’re the manager of a restaurant or know an employee who likes to cook at home. You can surprise them with this culinary box, which features Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, “Hotel Oscar Tango Hot Sauce, Garlic & Rosemary Sea Salt, Italian Blend Herbs, and Dijon Mustard.

7. Wine Crate

Send with Sendoso via:Yorkville’sWhen you want to celebrate the successes of your employees, order them a wine crate. In this one, you’ll find a bottle of wine paired with a fig preserve and olives all placed in a beautiful wine gift box.

8. DIY Decorating Cookie Kit

Send with Sendoso via:The CravoryMix together culinary skills and a love for sweet treats and you have the perfect employee recognition gift. This comes with 12 Sugar Cookies, Vanilla and Chocolate Frosting, and 3 kinds of sprinkles.

9. BBQ Old Fashioned

Send with Sendoso via:Cocktail CourierDrinks are on you with this BBQ old fashioned gift set. It comes with flavors of dark berries and complex smoke, offset with a pop of bright citrus. Those who drink it will enjoy its savoriness. This whisky gift box comes with 3 Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Bottle (50ML), Blueberry Algre-Doux, Black Lemon Bitters, Dehydrated Lemon Wheels, & Bourbon Barrel Wood Chips.

10. Unbox Appreciation

Send with Sendoso via:CarooLet your employees unbox appreciation with a curated care package filled with healthy snacks, unique gifts, and personalized company swag. Plus, the company donates a meal to families in need for every box delivered.

11. 6 Assorted Cookies

Send with Sendoso via:The CravoryGive the employees you appreciate something to indulge themselves into for all their hard work. This gift comes with a box of six assorted cookies, which include chocolate chip, lemon, salted caramel cream, cookie monster, red velvet, and birthday cake flavors.

12. 4 Assorted Brownies

Send with Sendoso via:Fairytale BrowniesMaybe you have employees you want to congratulate who are more into brownies vs. cookies. In this case, you’ll want to order this assorted brownie gift box for them. It’s kosher and uses all-natural ingredients, so a big plus if the team member is health-conscious.

13. Virtual Fitness Class

Send with Sendoso via:Dryft Live eGifteGifts are an excellent way to show remote (and in-office) employees that you appreciate them. This is especially so when it’s a fitness class (just in time to get right for summer!).

14. Charitable Scratch-Off Cards

Send with Sendoso via:Lotto LoveThis is the perfect employee recognition gift idea for a worker who loves to help others. So if you want to reward someone for being helpful, then give them these scratch-off cards. They’re guaranteed to win prizes, but they go to people who are in need.

15. Pinata Filled with Candy

Send with Sendoso via:PintagramTurn this gift idea into a fun office party with your team members. Everyone can take turns swinging the stick at the pinata. You can also add a personalized message on the gift. You can choose to fill it with candy or something else entirely (get creative!).

16. Braided Money Tree

Send with Sendoso via:Garden StreetsWhat better way to show your employees appreciation than with a gift that wishes them well financially? This braided money tree is said to be good luck, but even without it, it’s a gorgeous plan to look at. It’s perfect for the office desk or to take home.

17. Gourmet Gift Basket

Send with Sendoso via:Gourmet Gift BasketsChoose from a variety of gourmet gift baskets based on the likes and interests of the employee you’re gifting. Some come with cookies, trail mixes, dried fruits, seltzer drinks, wine, cheeses, and other gourmet treats.

18. Small Bouquet with Vase

Send with Sendoso via:1-800-FlowersThere’s a great selection of flowers to choose from, so try to sniff around to see which is their favorite. You can send a small bouquet or choose to deck out the office with lots of beautiful plants and colorful flowers.

19. $50 Amazon Gift Card

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonMaybe you’re not sure what you should get your favorite employees as a gift. With this employee recognition gift idea, you can allow them to select whatever they want. It’s an eGift, which means they’ll get it and spend it right away (surely, you won’t mind them shopping at the end of their shift).

20. Colorful Hummingbird Solar Wind Chimes

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonThis makes the perfect employee recognition gift for someone who likes exterior decor. It comes with six hummingbirds in varying colors, like yellow, green red, and blue. They can even hang it in the office to add pizzazz.

21. Print at Home Gift Card

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonSometimes, it’s the little things that count. In that case, this print at home gift card that says “We Appreciate You” will give your employees a big smile. Of course, it also comes with money on it, which is always a bonus!

How to Use Sendoso for Your Employee Appreciation Gifts

It doesn’t matter if you have a large enterprise or a small business — showing employees you appreciate them is a must. And you can do so with the help of Sendoso.

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You can handle the entire process right from your Analytics Dashboard (and using one of the many tools we integrate with).

You’re able to choose your personalized gift, and we’ll then package it (in branded boxes and packaging, if you’d like) and ship it to your employees.

You can watch each employee gift as it travels to its final destination within the Sendoso platform. Once it’s delivered, you’ll be notified so you can follow up to see how they like it.Ready to see how you can use Sendoso to show your employees appreciation?

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