February 24, 2024

3 Reasons Integrations Help Enterprise-Sized Companies Choose the Right Gifting Platform


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  • 3 Reasons large, global, or enterprise-sized companies can benefit from software integration capabilities
  • How our Salesforce integration makes sales adoption easier
  • How our Marketo integration makes tracking and improving marketing campaigns better

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Enterprise-sized firms are complex organizations. With thousands of employees often distributed around the globe, large businesses face serious challenges to productivity and cost-efficiency when it comes to software suites. Firm-wide software rollouts for global enterprises often require significant planning, customization, and training, which can take months, if not years, to achieve. The entire process is expensive, complicated, and requires both a steady hand and a well-considered vision for the future.

That’s why choosing the right corporate gifting platforms can be tricky. Some are great for sending gifts, others are great for sending swag, and still, others only handle direct mail (side note: Sendoso handles all three with ease).

But regardless of whether you need a platform to simply send gifts to your firm’s best customers or to drive meetings and pipeline, one thing is true for all enterprises:  Your corporate gifting platform needs to integrate with your existing software suites. If your gifting platform can’t integrate with mission-critical software, not only will you be creating more headaches for your teams, but you’ll likely miss out on many of the key benefits that integration offers.

To that end, here are three reasons why software integration capabilities should be key features to look for when considering a sending platform.

1. Software Integrations Mean Less Training and More Adoption

Training is one of the biggest obstacles of introducing new software platforms, particularly in large enterprises with potentially thousands of users. Training is just one more item to consider and plan for when considering a new software.

But training time can be dramatically reduced when a new sending platform is seamlessly integrated. Teams that need to send gifts or other items don’t need to learn an entirely new or separate platform in order to send items. Instead, they can continue using the platforms they’re already accustomed to while still taking advantage of all the features the sending platform offers.

For example, Sendoso is already a Salesforce integration. Large-sized companies with sales teams don’t need to learn a new sales tool – they can just click on the Sendoso button within Salesforce. From within the tool they’re already familiar with, they can send a coffee eGift to a prospect in exchange for a phone call. Or perhaps they can send a higher-end gift card with the click of a button to a C-suite decision maker.

Either way, choosing a sending platform with a Salesforce integration dramatically reduces the amount of time needed to train teams on how to use the sending platform, encourages rapid adoption, and creates a faster turnaround for ROI (return-on-investment) opportunities. In fact, once teams see the benefit of using an integrated sending platform, they’ll likely wonder why they didn’t have it at their disposal sooner!

2. Now You Can Integrate Offline Marketing Campaigns Into Your Existing Data

In today’s digital world, data is gold. But when it comes to running an enterprise-level business, there can be too much data and not enough actionable insight. For marketers and salespeople, modern marketing automation and CRMs such as Salesforce, Marketo, and Hubspot provide a bevy of tools to help organizations manage their thousands of customers and prospects, gauge interest, upsell, and generally manage the customer lifecycle.

Adding in a sending platform to an organization’s technology stack shouldn’t disrupt those marketing and sales processes, but rather enhance them. For example, many CRMs will score a prospect on how likely they are to buy something based on how they have engaged with content. If you’re including “sending” (the delivery of direct mail and gifts via a corporate gifting platform) as part of your engagement strategy, wouldn’t it be great to know if they’ve received what you sent? Or that they’ve redeemed a virtual gift card?

If your corporation uses marketing automation, Sendoso is already a Marketo integration as well. With one click, you can trigger direct mail, eGift, or gift sends to targeted accounts. Or with another click, embed a eGift URL within your email templates.

The best part about using an integration software is that, partnered with Sendoso, you can now track both online and offline marketing campaigns in one place. This lets you get the most out of your data.

Without integration, this information would normally have been either manually entered (an efficient use of time), or the sending system would need to be checked independently from the CRM. But with integration, offline actions taken related to sending can be incorporated into prospect scoring algorithms. Or, if a CRM doesn’t have prospect scoring, notes can be automatically entered within the customer file.

Of course, this is just one example where data sharing and management can be improved through integration. Depending on your technology stack, many other data management practices can be sharpened by integrating sending.

3. Integrating Into Your Existing Tech Stack is a Huge Time Saver

Isn’t it great when you press a button and something just works? Like when you click the start button on an electric vehicle. Or the brew button on your coffee machine. Wouldn’t it be amazing if sending could be just as easy? By integrating your sending platform with other platforms like marketing automation and CRMs, sending can actually be that easy. The result: Your teams don’t waste a lot of time switching between two different systems or doing double data entry. That means they can focus on more important things—like building relationships and closing deals! Ultimately, sending can help your firm grow its revenue without having to sacrifice the team’s time and energy.

With native integrations with over 40 platforms, it’s no wonder Sendoso was ranked in the Top 5 Software Products of 2022 by G2. Check out our full list of integrations, and contact us to schedule a demo today to see how integrating sending into your software stack can help you deliver better customer experiences!

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