March 29, 2024

5 April Fool's Pranks for Your Sales Prospects

Brianna Valleskey
Brianna Valleskey

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At first, using April Fool’s Day pranks to build relationships with prospects may seem counterintuitive.

But think about it this way: What’s more human than making someone laugh? If you can connect with someone on an emotional level by bringing joy to their day, then why not give it a try?

Of course, you should be keen about who may or may not be receptive to this type of outreach. This tactic can be incredibly effective for some relationships, but come off as immature or foolish with others. So choose wisely, young Padawans.

For those deals that might benefit from a chuckle here or there, check out these April Fool’s Day pranks for salespeople that can be used all year long.

5 April Fool’s Day Pranks For Salespeople

1. Can of Spam

Ever felt like your prospects aren’t responding to emails because there’s too much spam in their inbox? Us too. But this April Fool’s Day prank will bring them the edible kind of Spam via their mailbox. Put an actual can of Spam into a pretty box with fancy tissue paper with a handwritten note that says “I have a gift for you, but I didn’t want to spam your inbox!” Whether or not they eat the Spam, this joke is sure to at least elicit a response.

2. Bachelor Audition Tape

Another way to get a laugh out of your prospects is to “accidentally” attach a video to your email. One of our favorite ideas is to create a fake audition tape for “The Bachelor” where you actually pitch yourself to your prospect. This is a good chance to get creative with funny value props and actual props in the video. End with something like, “[Prospect], will you accept this demo call?” and then pretend that you didn’t mean to attach it to the email (initially, at least).

3. The Sales Pitch

Forget phone calls; serve up your sales pitch on an actual baseball with this prank. Start by physically writing your pitch out on a baseball in super small handwriting (like comically small). Then send the baseball to your prospect with a message about how you understand that hearing so many sales pitches can make them blend in with one another, so you decided to give them a different way to engage with yours.

4. The Premature Agreement

Contracts, themselves, don’t have to be the only agreement that pushes a deal forward. When trying to schedule a meeting with a prospect, send over a fake contract (or even just a meeting invitation) with a funny stipulation like “[Prospect] agrees to take this meeting and pretend to be interested in my sales pitch for at least 12 minutes and 32 seconds.” You can even include a reward! Mention that if your prospect accepts this agreement, they’ll also get a $5 coffee eGift card

5. Floppy Disk

Remember floppy disks? Now’s the time to bring them back. When you can’t get a proposal signed, send your prospect a floppy disk with a note that says “Updated proposal terms for [Company Name].” Then shoot your prospect an email saying that you’ve updated the proposal terms and they should be “on their desk” within the next day or so. Wait a day or two after your package gets delivered. If you still haven’t heard back, give them a call or shoot them an email asking what they thought of the floppy’s content.

Do you have any other April Fool’s Day pranks that could help push deals across the finish line? Let us know your favorites on Twitter by using the hashtag #RealLifeSpam. And don’t forget to grab a copy of our most popular eBook below for more ideas on what to send prospects during the sales cycle.


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