April 17, 2024

5 Questions Your Sales Team Should Ask Before Sending


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As a marketer, one of my main goals is to empower my sales team. Constantly launching new campaigns and platforms on their own, are not effective. To successfully help your sales team, you need to make sure they are answering the right questions before pouring time into a new software or channel.

Our team gets asked a lot about best practices for direct mail.  We have heard it all from, “When should my sales team be sending?” to “How should they follow-up with their direct mail piece?” Here are 5 simple questions to have your sales team ask themselves to help them get sending.

  1. Who are you targeting? What does your prospect like? (social profiles) What do they do? How can you tie that back into relevance?
  2. What is the goal? Do you want a meeting, do you want them to go to your website to check out more about you? Be concise with your game plan and your CTA to get the result you want.
  3. What type of send? This ties back to your first two steps. IF you are farther along the sales cycle, you can send something with a little more monetary value, but if it is a first contact you can send an e-Gift card for coffee. Sendoso offers 4 different types of sends. Read more about it here.
  4. When do you send it? For door opener campaigns, marketing will generally do this send out to a target list trying to get hand raisers. But for sales, we recommend to combine digital (whether it’s email or social selling) and calling (yes, calling is still a thing!) to build awareness of who you are and what your company does. Integrations include: Salesforce, SalesLoft, Outreach, and more.
  5. How do you follow up? Once you get notified of the delivery, give the prospect some time to receive it and follow up with you. It’s important to not be too pushy to your prospect and instead give them the opportunity to come to you.

With that being said, we can’t expect prospects to respond to your efforts, and this is where we find that persistence is pleasant when you are relevant. When you follow up, make sure to connect the dots. “I’m calling to see if you got my delivery yesterday of our newest eBook. Given your role on the Demand Generation Team at Company (X), I thought you would enjoy this piece of content. Would love to connect and learn more about your current gifting strategies!”

Direct mail is only as effective as the campaign strategy. It’s about using multiple channels to have a singular purpose and communicating that clearly to the partaking teams in your organization.

We love talking strategy so feel free to reach out at hello@sendoso.com to learn more about what companies are doing to boost their sales team’s bookings.


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