February 11, 2022

5 Reasons Why Customers Don't Buy & What You Can Do About It


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  • Understand why people aren’t buying from you so you can fix the problem.
  • Capture their attention and create urgency to get them to act.
  • A sending platform can keep customers engaged so they remember you.

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Have issues with your sales funnel or closing deals? There are many reasons why customers don’t buy a product or service.

In some cases, it’s because they can’t find what they’re looking for. In others, the price is too high. And sometimes, the customer just doesn’t trust the business enough to make a purchase.

No matter what the reason is, it’s important to understand why people aren’t buying in order to fix the problem. Let’s take a look at five of the most common reasons why customers won’t purchase a product or service and how you can turn engagements into deals.

1. No Trust

If your product or service is a high-value investment, customers are going to be hesitant to buy it without assurance that they’re making the right decision. Items with a high price tag or services with unpredictable ROI are risky from a customer perspective. This is why trust is such an important factor in sales.


In order to build trust, you need to provide a high level of transparency and demonstrate that you’re putting the customer’s needs first. This includes being clear about the facts, your product’s features and benefits, and what you’re offering in return for their investment.

It’s also important to establish a relationship of trust with your customers over time. This can be done through:

  • Consistent communication
  • Providing value even after the sale is complete
  • Being responsive to feedback

2. Lack of Urgency

People aren’t buying if they don’t feel that it’s important. Too often, customers get distracted by all the other things competing for their attention. It’s more difficult than ever to capture the attention of B2B buyers.

If you haven’t communicated why now in your offer, then there’s no sense of urgency to buy your product. Customers will eventually lose interest and move on to the next thing.


Why buy now? This important question needs a clear answer with good reasons that people can understand. Successful businesses use strong calls to action to create desire and a sense of urgency in their messaging.

Potential customers aren’t looking for product features. Instead, show them how quickly they can get started with your product and what benefits they’ll enjoy immediately.

Consider using a sending platform, like Sendoso, which can help you effectively break through the noise and capture your prospects’ attention. With Physical Impressions™ or gifts, a sending platform can drive better response rates.

3. Not Enough Info

Many times, prospects don’t make the decision to buy because they simply don’t understand the product. Either it’s too complex or the features and benefits are unclear.


Make sure your website is easy to navigate and that you have concise, jargon-free explanations of what your product does. Be sure to include compelling and relatable content such as:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Video demos
  • High-quality photos

4. Unclear Value

The top job of salespeople is to communicate what problem their product or service solves. However, if a company can’t see how your product will help them do that, they’re not going to spend money on it.


Position your product as the solution to a common problem that your target customer faces. Paint a clear picture of what life would be like without your product and why buying it is the best decision they could make. Sending Physical Impressions™ can change your marketing message and accomplish this!

5. Bad Customer Service

It’s no secret that good customer service is key to an organization’s success.

Poor customer experience can lead to negative online reviews and social media posts, which can really hurt your reputation. However, providing exceptional customer service can be expensive and time-consuming. So, what can business owners and salespeople do?


Implement a sales process where prospective customers can easily find answers to their questions without speaking with a human representative. Use an automated messaging platform or chatbot to help customers with common issues.

With Sendoso, you’re notified in real time when shipments arrive to your prospects. This enables you to pinpoint when to reach out and engage them in the conversation.

Close Deals Faster

Building your customer base begins with building authentic connections.

An Instagram ad or automated marketing email just isn’t going to cut it. If your goal is to improve your response rates and create faster deal cycles, invest in a sending strategy that your B2B buyers can’t ignore.

“Sendoso allows us to get our brand on the desks and in the hands of our prospects.” – Scott Haney, Revenue Operations for Chili Piper

Here’s how Sendoso works:


First, find opportunities within your existing sales and marketing campaigns. If you send automated emails every few months and you’re not getting a response, change it up and add sends to your campaigns.

You can create a variety of different sends customized to your prospect. If you’re looking to chat, you can send them an eGift card to a local coffee shop. You can elevate the send or gifts as you continue to have conversations with prospects.


Sendoso works within existing sales and marketing tools. Integrations like Salesforce and Marketo make it easy for your team to implement sending at different points within the buyer’s cycle.

Reach out and connect with the right people as soon as they receive your package or eGift. Sendoso’s Send Tracker follows the progress of a send in real time, so your team knows when to follow up.


Wondering how you’ll measure your ROI?  With Sendoso’s Analytics Dashboard, measuring the effectiveness of your offline marketing efforts is easy. Data and analytics reports show you exactly how Sendoso is driving revenue.

Engage Customers With Sendoso

If a lead has gone cold or you’re searching for new prospects, lean on Sendoso’s Sending Platform to engage and connect.

Ordering items, packaging, mailing, and tracking orders on your own eats up valuable time and effort that your team could spend on other important action items.

With Sendoso, your sending campaigns have no limits!

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