February 21, 2024

Engagement Made Easy: 5 Sendoso Integrations for Your Automation Needs

Angela Vecce
Angela Vecce

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This post is brought to you by Sendoso Product Marketing Manager Angela Vecce.

The term “personalization at scale” can sound like a flashy buzzword. It’s a nice thought on paper, but seemingly impossible in practice. In fact, as a former Demand Generation professional, I used to roll my eyes when vendors would flood my inbox with the same promise to “personalize my outreach at scale.” However, having been a Sendoso customer now turned employee, I’m happy to tell you that our platform integrations allow users to create, click, and connect from wherever your Sales, SDR, Marketing, HR, and CX teams are already working, so it actually is possible to create a more personalized experience through Sendoso for prospects and customers with a few set-it-and-forget plays.

Here are some ideas to get your creative wheels turning as you brainstorm your automated plays with Sendoso, no matter where in the funnel your outreach needs may be!

5 Sendoso Integrations for Sending Automation

1. Marketo + Sendoso = Interactive Experience Aircover

The Challenge: In our increasingly virtual working world, rising above the digital noise with your top of funnel efforts is more challenging than ever before. With the hundreds of emails flooding prospects inboxes, what are unique creative ways you automate filling your funnel?

The Solution: Just like you would automate an email send, create a flow in Marketo that sends a $5 coffee card to prospects who engage with your content. Build a smart campaign with the triggers, if the prospect fills out multiple forms on your website, send a $5 coffee eGift with the message “I noticed you’re interested in the pieces of content titled X, Y, and Z. Here’s coffee on me as you read over your downloaded materials!”

The Outcome: Continue to nurture your ICP and keep them engaged to funnel them into an SQL status for your outbound sales team.

2. Outreach.io + Sendoso = Never Lose a Warm Lead Again

The Challenge: Sending physical and digital gifts is great, but it requires diligence from your sales rep to follow-up at the correct time once your prospects have interacted with your direct mail marketing efforts. Engaged and warm leads can fall through the cracks if your sales team doesn’t know when their prospect has received or redeemed said gift.

The Solution: Create a sequence in Outreach for your direct mail and gift follow-ups. Once a prospect has their send delivered or redeemed, automatically add that prospect to the follow-up sequence. No more guessing or missed opportunities; automatically have the follow-up queued for your sales team!

The Outcome: Enabling your sales to ensure a lead never goes from warm, to cold.

3. SalesLoft + Sendoso = Keeping You SDRs in their Same Workflow

The Challenge: With the dozens (sometimes hundreds) of tasks SDRs have on their daily to-do lists, enabling them to keep their focus can be difficult as you add more to your tech stack. Sending direct mail is great, but unless they can execute it where they already work, their time can be wasted switching between platforms, meaning opportunities for booking meetings is wasted.

The Solution: With the SalesLoft + Sendoso integration, your SDRs can execute on sends and follow-up all from where they work—in SalesLoft! Add Sendoso touches directly within your cadences, ensuring execution is always in lock-stop with their outreach efforts.

The Outcome: When it comes to inside sales, time = money. No more wasting time, giving them greater efficiency and higher demo rates!

4. Salesforce + Sendoso = Decrease Sales Cycles by Making Prospects Feel Special

The Challenge: Making prospects feel important and special; no one wants to feel like just another deal. But with the dozens of tasks sales reps have, it can feel daunting trying to make every experience feel personal (Who has time for that?).

The Solution: Create a trigger that sends a prospect a desk succulent when they reach a certain stage in the Salesforce opportunity (for example, “Evaluation Stage”). With the succulent, include a handwritten note saying, “Looking forward to helping your team grow and reach their goals” signed by the opportunity owner as a way to stay top of mind and create a memorable experience. Want to get even more granular? Create specific rules on automated sends based on Account Tier or Contact Role within the opportunity!

The Outcome: Take one more task off your sales reps’ to-do list, leaving them to focus on what they do best:closing deals!

5. Influitive + Sendoso = Happy Customers & Higher Retention

The Challenge: As your book of business grows (yay!), so does the number of customers your Customer Success Managers are responsible for (*gasp*). With all the moving pieces, it can be difficult to provide a personalized experience for all–there are only so many hours in a day!

The Solution: When a customer refers someone within their Influitive portal (the greatest compliment a customer can give!), show your appreciation by immediately sending a thank you gift. From specially-branded Patagonia sweaters, to wine bottles, to a simple handwritten note, anything can be added to your customer rewards program.

The Outcome: Never let another customer feel unappreciated for their loyalty by fulfilling rewards through Sendoso, ensuring their surprise-and-delight experience is always at the highest of standards. By running this through the Influitive + Sendoso integration, you’re able to take one more item off your CSM team’s busy to-do list.

Successful Sending for All

We’re just scratching the surface here on all the fantastic ways you can (and should) incorporate Sendoso into your tech stack. Whether it’s acquiring, procuring, or retaining, click here to learn how Sendoso can help you and your team automate these memorable moments across the customer journey, making you an ABX hero.

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