March 18, 2024

5 Ways to Set Sales Meetings with Coffee

Giano Fiore
Giano Fiore

Sending Specialist at Sendoso
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Buying a prospect or customer a virtual coffee is not much different than asking them to grab coffee or lunch in real life. A virtual coffee meeting might even be easier. Especially with the help of a gifting platform that can automate sending eGift cards for your favorite coffee joint.

Need any ideas on how to use eGift cards to set meaningful meetings?

Look no further.

1. The Coffee Meeting

If you were in a role where you had to meet prospects in person, it wouldn’t be uncommon to ask them to sit down for a coffee to chat.

Use coffee as the purpose of your sales sit-down. Consider sending a quick email like this one:

Hey, mind if we grab a coffee and have a 15-minute chat about your business strategies?

No need to elaborate in the first email. Instead, expect curious responses from prospects wondering how it’s even possible to grab a coffee together. In response, you’ll offer an eGift card to a local coffee shop and set the meeting.

Pitfalls to Avoid: Don’t use language that makes the gift card sound like a bribe. Avoid using phrases like, “I’ll buy you a coffee for your time.”

2. The Content Coffee

Did marketing just send an awesome white paper to your team? Do you have some case studies that you’re about to send out to all of your prospects?

Let’s be honest, nobody is going to read it.

I think it’s important to send good content to get clicks and make impressions. For me, response rates are pretty low when I send white papers and case studies (or any kind of template).

Use your coffee eGift link and a message like, “grab a coffee on me while you read it over,” as a way to track their interest. Plus, you’ll have a reason to follow up to set the meeting.

Pro Tip: Sendoso alerts you as soon as a prospect clicks the eGift link. You’ll also be able to track when they use your eGift.

3. The Coffee Bump

Try using the coffee bump sales strategy for those hard-to-reach prospects. This is for clients and prospects who already know you and just aren’t responding.

Send an email like this:

Hey John,

I’ve been reaching out for the last few weeks and I’m sure you’re super busy. Grab a coffee on me this week with this link and let me know when you’re available.

A simple little eGift bump lets them know you’re thinking of them.

I’m always surprised by the responses I get when I offer something instead of asking for something – try it!

4. The Coffee Confirmation

Do you ever set a meeting and worry they are going to forget about you by the time the meeting takes place?

Use your coffee eGift as a meeting confirmation.

It’s nice and helps confirm their interest to make sure it’s a meaningful meeting. Compose a confirmation email with the offer:

Hey Sarah,

I’m reaching out to confirm our meeting tomorrow and buying you a coffee to grab before we talk. Let me know if you have any questions beforehand.

It’s a sales practice we use at Sendoso too. We have a coffee gift card sent automatically before every meeting. Automated eGift sends can improve meeting hold rates by as much as 90%. Programming the sends through our gifting platform cuts down on the manual labor too.

5. The LinkedIn Coffee Connection

If you spend time on LinkedIn and read sales community posts, you have likely seen chatter about how much people hate being pitched by new connections. It’s pretty much a meme.

So how do you make an impression and get a response without pitching?

Try this personalized approach that I picked up from my partner Zoe Jessup:

Final Sales Strategy Thoughts

Virtual impressions like coffee eGifts give you a talking point. It’s a way to connect that’s more human.

Use them correctly and see your response rate increase dramatically.

Giano Fiore - SDR

About the writer: Giano Fiore is a sales development representative at Sendoso where he connects prospects with personalization + Sendoso. He believes sending creates more deals, more conversions, and more meetings.

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