February 10, 2024

6 Sales Tools To Empower Your Team & Increase Revenue


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  • Discover sales tools that improve prospecting, accounted-based marketing, lead generation, and social media marketing.
  • Learn which sales tools integrate with other popular sales platforms.
  • Build rapport and accelerate the sales cycle by integrating a sending platform into your sales toolbox.

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Are you looking to help your sales team increase conversions? We have put together the top sales tools that will help your reps boost productivity and efficiency.

Sales teams are the lifeblood of any business. When sales reps are productive and efficient, businesses see a significant increase in revenue. That’s why it’s important to equip your sales team with the best tools possible.

In this blog post, we will discuss 6 of the best sales tools available today and which ones integrate with Sendoso.

There are a variety of sales tools for different purposes.  For example, prospecting is one of the most important aspects of a salesperson’s job. The right tools can help boost productivity and make all the difference in your success rate.

In this post we collected the best sales tools across these major categories:

  • prospecting
  • account-based marketing
  • lead-generation
  • social media marketing

#1 HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot, a well-known account-based platform, is a top pick for marketers seeking to streamline their processes. It includes a variety of tools that help marketing teams to create numerous campaigns. Account-based marketing, sales automation, social media management, email marketing, content strategy, and lead management are all included in this suite.

With this tool, you’ll have all of the components needed to create effective inbound marketing and customer support. It has connections with companies like Databox, Zendesk, Mailchimp, and Oracle Netsuite.

#2 Salesforce

The most well-known sales software, by a long shot, is Salesforce. Salesforce is the leading SaaS customer relationship management (CRM) solution with a diverse range of features that works seamlessly with other applications, like Sendoso, and has an established third-party ecosystem. It also executes, tracks, and measures sending campaigns.

Salesforce gives every team instant access to a 360-degree customer perspective. Plus, its customizable dashboards make it one of the most essential sales and marketing tools available.

#3 Marketo

Marketo is a marketing automation software that enables marketers to automate the engagement with potential and existing customers via digital channels, such as:

  • mobile devices
  • email
  • video
  • website
  • search advertising

Sales professionals have the ability to automate marketing campaigns. Users can even trigger sending personalized gifts directly from their account. There’s also the added advantage of analyzing conversions and sales with personalized, automated campaigns aimed at targeted leads and potential customers.

#4 LeadPages

Need a powerful way to capture leads on your website? LeadPages is the perfect marketing tool for your sales organization! You can use this tool to develop unique landing pages for specific audiences. It then connects to your other important software, funneling the leads generated into your CRM software.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to reinvent the wheel. There are plenty of high-converting templates to pick from. After that, you can personalize it by changing the colors and adding your logo.

#5 Audiense

Social media marketing tool Audiense takes “social listening” to the next level by helping companies identify and segment their social audiences. This platform has some major benefits such as:

  • making it easier to run laser-targeted ad campaigns
  • dive deeper into your customer personas
  • Digging into demographics (personality straights and beyond)

Focusing its efforts on Twitter, Audiense is perfect for B2B sales brands interested in prospecting. It’s also valuable for B2C companies seeking to gain more insight into their target audience.

#6 Sendoso

Sendoso is an ABM tool helping sales teams increase their productivity by automating the sending of personalized physical impressions. The goal of a B2B marketing campaign is to develop long-term relationships with your top customers. And nothing compares to personalized experiences. Making a great first impression is everything!

With Sendoso—a sending platform—you can send personalized gifts to leads and accounts.

  • Simply choose the present and the note (it’s handwritten)
  • the team will package and ship it for you
  • select gifts from a variety of partner vendors, as well as Amazon
  • you can pick a gift idea that matches each account’s personality and interests

With an analytics dashboard to track shipments and manage sending campaigns, you’ll never miss a beat. It integrates with popular platforms, including Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, and Outreach. Consider adding this tool to your ABM strategy if your goal is to retain more customers via upselling, cross-selling, or renewals.

Why a Sending Platform Is Essential to Increase Sales

A sending platform is a must-have addition to your sales toolbox for these three reasons:

1. Build Rapport: Use Amazon’s personalized offerings to develop irreplaceable connections with prospects.

You can send almost anything from Amazon with a few clicks and have it repackaged with your branding and a handwritten note. Address Confirmation helps you secure the address of wherever your prospect is working. In a world of digital ads and impersonal messaging, surprise your prospect and make an amazing first impression!

2. Accelerate Deal Velocity: Just executed a great demo? Follow up with prospects ASAP to convey that you really want their business.

Receiving a physical impression helps to jump-start the decision-making process. If they talked about working remotely with kids, send something relevant to your conversation, like a popcorn and movie night bundle. Send Tracker tells you when the item was delivered for a perfectly timed follow-up!

3. Improve Close Rates: Every CFO today wants to know how a purchase will lead to increased income. Impress the CFO, and other key stakeholders, with signature cocktail kits and other high-value gifts to help you push deals to close.

Sending Scaled to Fit Your Company

The Sendoso sending platform offers three plans with varying numbers of gift sends per year and integrations.

The Essential plan comes with two integrations and up to 1,500 annual gift sends and goes up to 10,000. The bigger packages also come with more features, like custom packaging and a dedicated success manager.

Prices are provided through phone consultation, but you can schedule a demo to see how it can work for your business. Request a demo today to find the right Sendoso plan to fit your business.

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