March 14, 2024

7 frequently asked questions about corporate gifting


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  • Apply marketing solutions to real-world account-based marketing campaigns.
  • Overcome hesitation about corporate gifting.
  • Don’t shy away from sending gifts to the corner office.

[seewhysendoso]When it comes to jump-starting sales performance and developing healthy pipeline, there’s no question: Sendoso is a must-have.The leading Sending Platform™ offers endless B2B marketing solutions using automated corporate gifting. That’s exactly what Automox’s senior manager of account-based marketing, Laura Partyka, calls it. Now, she’s doling out expert advice on how to rack up the wins with Sendoso.“Anything unexpected that arrives, that is the sweet spot,” she says. “It’s why I brought in Sendoso in the first place.”

Account-based marketing advice from the expert

Automox is a B2B IT cybersecurity company. The company hit record pipeline numbers in one quarter, totaling $6 million, after implementing Sendoso.Do the math. That’s $500,000 in pipeline per week for sales development to turn around and convert into revenue.With Sendoso in their toolbelt, Automox is now an industry leader in connecting with their tech-focused targets and hitting their quotas. They’ve learned what closes deals quicker. Automox recently crushed marketing goals with a Star Wars–themed marketing campaign.So if you’re looking to bring on a Software-as-a-Service marketing solution and want to hear more from a company that has learned some lessons along the way, read on.Partyka is answering the most frequently asked questions about using Sendoso. She’s also revealing her best practices for account-based marketing strategies and gaining ground in busy industries.

FAQ: Why do I need to use corporate gifts?

“This is a critical tool for our account-based marketing program,” Partyka says. “We use Sendoso to get in the door to companies who may not realize we have something incredibly valuable to offer.”Anyone can send a branded t-shirt or pen.Instead, see what happens when you send a custom gift with thought and care. It can really make a prospect take notice of your messaging and want to hear more.It’s Partyka’s top tip.“Anything that’s personalized, that’s probably the number one thing.”

FAQ: Can’t I just ship corporate gifts myself?

Bad idea. Automox had the same struggle before using Sendoso.“Team members were manually shipping items from their home and storing items at their home,” says Partyka, recalling the problems. “Nothing was tracked in Salesforce, and there was no visibility of ROI.”Automox was won over by the thousands of gifts and eGifts available through Sendoso with just a few clicks. Sendoso handles address confirmation, warehousing, and both local and international shipping.“Sendoso gifts just look so cool, and the delivery is awesome,” she says.

FAQ: Is Sendoso for marketing or sales? Who should own it?

More than 100 Automox employees can access gifting with Sendoso. From business development to human resources, they’re all using Sendoso to build relationships.It started much smaller than that.Partyka’s team in account-based marketing were the original users. But she grew the user base because of Sendoso’s ability to help hit goals.A champion mindset is key, so she hosts regular trainings with examples to demonstrate specific Sendoso achievements.“Every Thursday, we have a sales boost. We bring everybody together, we do some sort of enablement message, and Sendoso is often a topic,” she says. “We support 32 sales teams throughout North America, so every single day they’ve got multiple questions.”But she welcomes those questions. Now, users are getting more comfortable and more creative.“Everything from ‘I think this is a great touch from the catalog, can we add it?’ to ‘I want to get some extra funds to try something out,’” she says.

Customer Unboxing


FAQ: How do my teams start using Sendoso?

“Just try and test,” says Partyka. “Don’t be so rigorous, because you’re not going to know what works unless you try it. Then you’re going to find out what sticks.”Sendoso is great as a conversation starter for prospecting, a reminder to continue discussions, and a way to celebrate customer success.Partyka urges managers to give teams a little bit of freedom to find out what works for them.“I give [reps] the link to the catalog and say, ‘Whatever you want to do, test it out, try it out,’” Partkya says. “The biggest advice I would give is just to use it.”

FAQ: How do I break the stigma around corporate gifts?

Partyka hears this kind of discussion a lot. But she pushes back.“Any time I train a new user, I always address the elephant in the room: If you feel weird about sending a gift, don’t,” she says However, “People love getting gifts! When was the last time you got a gift? You loved it, let’s be honest!”That said, some industries, such as legal and finance, do adhere to gifting policies. No worries; Sendoso works within those parameters too,“Don’t be worried about people not being able to accept gifts. Just choose nominal gifts,” Partyka says. “Choose something that’s $25 or less. You still have options to send them.”

FAQ: What business gifts get the most attention?

“I am such a big fan of physical gifts. I think they stand out more than anything,” Partyka says. “The physical wow factor is what I think makes Sendoso so special.”The Sendoso Direct marketplace has thousands of options that fit every taste, mood, or occasion. Automox hit a home run when they connected with their target accounts over Star Wars. It was part of what kickstarted their $6 million in pipeline in a single quarter.

FAQ: What other corporate gifting tips do you have?

Don’t overthink it, says Partkya. Here’s her expert advice for sending gifts that can turn opportunities into deals:

  1. Personal gifts make a difference.
  2. Give unexpectedly. It will brighten someone’s day.
  3. Try new things. If you have an idea, go for it.
  4. Every department can use Sendoso in a different way. Explore options.
  5. Insert gifts into every stage of the sales cycle.
  6. If you have a deal closing, send a gift.
  7. Don’t be timid. Be bold and original with gifts.
  8. Let teams use their budgets however they see fit.
  9. Throw around gift ideas with your colleagues.
  10. Use metrics to learn what works and what doesn’t.

And Partyka’s favorite tip: Don’t shy away from sending gifts to the corner office.“I’ve gotten so many opportunities from big companies from sending donuts to C-suites! It works!”

Boost sales performance and pipeline growth

Just like at Automox, Sendoso can help achieve breakthrough sales performances.“The reason that we signed Sendoso with such urgency is because we recognize the fact that we can generate up to a half million dollars a week consistently in pipeline,” says Partyka.Sendoso thrives on crafting strategies to make your B2B marketing objectives a soaring success. Through the power of corporate gifting, you can hit your sales goals this year, quarter, or month when you bring Sendoso on board.Get signed up today to jolt your sales metrics into seven figures.

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