April 25, 2018

7 WOW-able Ways to Connect with Prospects and Customers via Salesforce and Sendoso


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By leveraging Sendoso’s integration with Salesforce, you can automate marketing sends as well as empower your sales team with the ability to make 1:1 connections through their deals.

Here are 7 WOW-able Ways to connect with gifting:

1) Welcome Kits

Set up a Salesforce trigger to send a custom kitted welcome kit or a shareable treat when an opportunity changes to Closed Won. Add a handwritten note for a final touch to the kit.

2) Seasons Greetings

Send customers holiday or seasonal gifts by simply adding them to a SFDC Campaign and Sendoso will auto trigger. Whether it’s football season or New Years, your customers will appreciate you thinking of them.

3) Birthday Surprises

Capture your customer’s birthday and then set up to automate an instant send birthday e-Gift.

4) Deal Acceleration

Set up your sales reps with Sendoso so they can send 1-to-1 mailers during the sales cycle. Check out how one of our reps sent an Onion Mug through Salesforce. This is a great way to get more personal with your send and build relationships with your deals.

5) Incentives for Downloading Content

Add an e-Gift incentive for engaging with content. Then they’ll be able to enjoy their drink of choice while reading your content!

6) Engage Buying Committee

Send group gifts, like cookies or cupcakes, that mention multiple SFDC contacts to capture the attention of the buying committee.

7) Event Invites and Follow Ups

Add attendees to a SFDC campaign and let Sendoso instantly send out high impact direct mail to drive meaningful follow-ups. You can also add invitees to a campaign to send out pre-event to get higher registration!


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