March 25, 2024

We Launched an Address Confirmation Feature Early in Light of Current Events

Brianna Valleskey
Brianna Valleskey

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Today, we released a brand new feature called Address Confirmation.

Address Confirmation enables you to ask your recipient to confirm their address before your item is sent so that you can ensure it is delivered to wherever they are currently working.

We weren’t planning to release this feature so soon. When I spoke to our director of product marketing, Lauren Barraco, she explained that Address Confirmation became a priority as a response to what’s happening in our world today.

“We know everyone is working from home. You and I are working from home. We don’t want our customers to send things to an office where it’s just going to sit and not get seen or used,” she said. “We really shifted gears as a product organization to release this valuable feature and make it available to our customers in a time of need.”

In times like these, Lauren added, this is a way that you can still reach out and connect with people in a real, human way by getting a physical item to wherever they’re working today. This feature is live as this morning.

How Sendoso’s Address Confirmation Works

Check out a few slides on the new feature or keep reading below to learn how it works!

New Sendoso Feature: Address Confirmation from Brianna Valleskey 

When you go to send something via Sendoso, you’ll be able to select an option to have the recipient confirm their address before anything is shipped. You can then select one of two options for what to do if the recipient doesn’t confirm their address within two days: cancel the send or ship the address on file (likely their work address).

Once you click send, your recipient will receive a confirmation email letting them know that you’d like to send them something and you want it to arrive at the correct address. The recipient can either confirm the address on file or enter a new address via a web form.

The sender will receive an alert letting them know that their package is on the way or canceled. Check out the GIF below to see the feature work in real time!

We couldn’t be more excited for Address Confirmation to be live for both our customers, our prospects, and ourselves. We’ve been using this feature already and have found it extremely helpful.

Thanks to all of our amazing customers who have provided helpful feedback (which allows us to prioritize things like this) and contribute greatly to our overall vision. Happy sending!

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