March 25, 2024

Celebrating Sales Prospects: 5 Email Gifting Templates

Giano Fiore
Giano Fiore

Sending Specialist at Sendoso
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Do you have something to celebrate? Did your prospect just accomplish something huge?

If it was mentioned in the news, you’re probably not going to be the only salesperson to reach out about it.

It’s important to have a sales strategy in place for celebrating milestones. Select a few corporate gifts that wow and integrate them into your celebratory direct mail campaign. Every sales development representative should have a go-to plan to stand out.

Pick your favorite champagne, brand merchandise, or even a special virtual experience to combine with the advice below. Try these 5 celebratory sends to capture attention, quadruple response rates, and exceed your sales goals.

1. Mentioned in the News

SDRs are always told to research prospects before reaching out. If your target account recently went public, completed a major project, or had a record year, it might be worth mentioning in your next email.

But how do you make your email stand out among the other 10 – 20 they’re going to get from sales reps?

Check it out:

2. Company Flex

How do you announce major company news to your audience about your own company?

If you’re like me, when you send out those product or company announcements, you know they aren’t going to get a lot of responses.

Up-level your outreach with a celebratory call-to-action to gauge their interest. Try this as an example:

3. Cheers to the Years!

Ever struggle with writing a personalized email to someone who doesn’t put anything on their social media?

Try this go-to email template that you can send to anyone. The example below is written by Sendoso Executive Sending Specialist Dave Schmitt:

Just make sure you find a way to tie in your own company’s value proposition like he did for Sendoso for an effective sales strategy.

4. It’s Your Birthday!

You know what it’s like, LinkedIn just announced your birthday and ten people who you don’t even know are DMing you “Happy Birthday.”

But today, it’s a prospect’s birthday. You connected on LinkedIn, but they never responded to your emails.

What do you do?

Send a celebratory bottle of champagne or buy them lunch with a DoorDash gift card.

The extra sales touch is sure to stand out. If they accept, you’ll get a chance to shine with your handwritten note and strategic follow-up emails. Anyone using the Sendoso gifting platform can automate the process. Handwritten notes are one of the many features you can select to add a personal touch to any direct mail campaign.

5. Holidays

Last and definitely not least, this one is a no-brainer.

Use Holidays like St. Patricks Day or New Year’s Day to send a celebratory bottle of champagne. Don’t forget to tie your value proposition back to the holiday – not the gift.

Here’s how:

Pro Tip: A clever pun goes a long way. Look for creative wording to elevate the theme of your champagne send. Brainstorm with your sales team or check the Sendos pun calendar for month-by-month ideas.

It’s Not About the Gift

You need to stand out in a world where your prospects’ inboxes are full of templates and well-researched emails from sales reps.

But it’s not about standing out because you’re sending them a gift.

It’s about sending them a gift and creatively tying it back to a value proposition to build interest.

Your outreach doesn’t end when they accept your gift. You get an opportunity to follow up throughout the sales cycle when they confirm their address, when it’s shipped and when it’s received. Put thought into your handwritten note, so they remember you when you call.

About the writer: Giano Fiore is a sales development representative at Sendoso where he connects prospects with personalization + Sendoso. He believes sending creates more deals, more conversions, and more meetings.

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