January 27, 2024

How Real Estate Gifts are the Key to Closing Deals

Pearl Kim
Pearl Kim

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I’ve been told by many great agents in the business, “Real estate is not rocket science.”

Every successful realtor knows our industry is a relationship-based business, and our biggest source of business comes from referrals.

In order to build a thriving referral business, we work on providing the best service and fostering the best relationships with our current and past clients. San Francisco is one of the most competitive cities for real estate, but quite honestly, every realtor across the nation is doing the same thing: we’re all doing the same transactional items, running the same comps, looking at the same properties, and running similar comparative market analyses.

So how do the best agents set themselves apart from a sea of people doing the same thing?

Why Real Estate Gifts Work

What differentiates the top agents (besides having top market knowledge and savvy negotiation skills) is the relationship we build with our clients. Building that trust and rapport by not only having the competence, but also having our clients’ best interest at heart, is the key to continuing those relationships beyond the sale as life-long advisors and confidants.

Gift-giving is a great strategy for some of the most successful and well-established real estate agents in the industry. Many of us give gifts when our buyers have found a home, sellers have made a sale, clients hit the year-mark of living in their new homes, and commonly throughout the holidays as well. Gift-giving can and should also extend beyond your clients and include everyone else involved including lenders, handymen, painters, transaction coordinators, and sometimes even cooperating/fellow agents.

Taking good care of not only your clients but also your entire entourage is necessary because it takes the hard work of multiple people and several moving pieces to bring a transaction to a successful closing – it truly takes a whole village! But this is not to say you can just give a gift and you’re set – the thought and intention behind the gift is very important. (We can help think of some great gifts too).

Giving a gift doesn’t mean you automatically secure that meeting or establish a good relationship, but it is a part of the many ways to cultivate and invest in your relationships, and it shows clients that you actually care.

Sending Made Simple

A Sending Platform like Sendoso allows me to automate the process of gift-giving. Real estate agents know all too well that time is our most valuable currency and asset. I believe in outsourcing things that someone else can do, so that I can put time back in my day to become a better realtor. With Sendoso’s help, my time can be better spent facing and helping clients, checking out properties, and running comps, rather than making multiple trips to different stores, finding parking, trying to find that one item, packaging it up, writing a letter, and going to the post office (I know — first world problems!). On Sendoso, I’m able to automate all those steps in just a few minutes. And as any good realtor would tell you, you should ALWAYS maximize your money-making activities and outsource where you can.

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