March 25, 2019

Corporate Gifting via Text Message: How Sendoso + TextUs Builds Better Relationships

Andrew Kimmell
Andrew Kimmell

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This corporate gifting guest post is brought to you by our customers at TextUs, the most popular business texting software for professionals.

I like to challenge every sales rep that I’m working with to text me.

They know that a modern sales approach means adding value before going straight to the ask—no one wants to feel like they’re being sold to, but everyone wants to feel like they’re being understood and helped.

So it’s interesting to see the creative ways sales pros use texting to build a better relationship and push the deal forward—especially when it comes to corporate gifting.

Build Better Relationships: Give First

A concept we talk a lot about at TextUs is to give before you ask. In fact, to give, give, give and then ask. We encourage our sales reps to give three times more than they ask. And that’s exactly why we signed up with Sendoso: to enable our team to give more.

So, when I got a text from a sales rep with a Sendoso link in it, I knew I had to reach out and share the story with the Sendoso team.

Send a Sendoso eGift with TextUs

Sending Sendoso eGift cards is really easy with TextUs: Once you’ve selected your eGift and the amount, simply copy the link Sendoso generates and paste it into your TextUs message. When your contact receives the message, they can open and access it right on their phone.

In the example above, Faisal from Opensense had been trying to get our team into a free trial of their email signature platform. I was busy and wasn’t able to email him back right away.

I then received a Sendoso eGift link for a free coffee, and he had me. At that point, I felt like I had to reciprocate and get back to him on one last step before we moved forward.

Give Better to Create a Better Customer Experience

Why did Faisal get my attention? It wasn’t just that he gave me free coffee. It was that he took the time to craft a thoughtful, personalized message that showed he considered me more than just a name on a contact list. He created a memorable customer experience for me and created the kind of buy-in in me that made it impossible for me to not message him back.

Escape Inbox Monotony with Corporate Gifting via Text

With Sendoso, Faisal broke through the monotony of the same-old, same-old. Who hasn’t received dozens of emails from sales reps saying they “Just wanted to check back in” or they were “Just following up on their last email”? We get these messages so often that must of us delete them without a second thought.

Together, TextUs and Sendoso deliver something unexpected: real, fun conversations that rise above the noise and give a little something extra to the folks you want to connect with the most.

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