January 8, 2024

Corporate gifts accelerate sales cycle by 50%


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  • Challenge: Finding a new way to reach prospects and secure more meetings.
  • Solution: When phone calls and emails fall flat, a physical gift makes an impact.
  • Results: Sending treats and coffee eGift cards helped sales development representatives engage with prospects and schedule more meetings.

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[Sendoso] rallies the whole marketing and sales teams together behind this one campaign or one goal. There’s a lot of excitement when someone registers for an event or responds to one of our sends.

Reach new prospects. That’s the ultimate goal for any marketing or sales team. But what if the standard outreach method of phone calls and emails is falling flat? One company was stuck in that rut—until they partnered with leading sending platform Sendoso.

The move produced impressive results within the first year:

  • 60–70% conversion to meetings
  • 50% faster sales cycle
  • $5.8M influenced pipeline in 8 months

Solving a demand generation pain point

This company offers organizations a cloud-based talent acquisition suite. They help companies attract, select, and hire quality candidates.

Demand Generation Manager Tiffany H. was looking for a new way to reach prospects while helping the company’s brand stand out to ultimately drive more pipeline. Given her team’s conversion rates at that point, they needed to secure more meetings if they wanted to hit their pipeline targets for the quarter.

Tiffany knew the calls and emails sales development representatives and account executives relied on weren’t cutting it.

“After a certain point it just didn’t feel like they were really breaking through and getting the meetings that they were hoping to get,” she said. “So we needed something to help us break through all that noise.”

Corporate gifting secures meetings

The company needed a sending platform that would help its sales teams stand out. Using Sendoso to handle direct mail like corporate gifting was the perfect fit.

“Having an easy-to-use platform that everyone can just sign on and use on a day-to-day basis is really important,” added Tiffany. “Integration with Salesforce and Outreach, those are all huge factors that make it easy for our SDRs and AEs to just click send.”

Tiffany enabled the sales team to send cupcakes through the Sendoso platform in an attempt to build better relationships and set more meetings.

The team quickly found that cupcakes were an easy way to delight the recipients. Plus, a sharable treat engaged multiple people at one organization.

The ease of use didn’t stop there.


Gifting analytics confirm meeting rate success

As a marketer, Tiffany focuses heavily on analytics. Sendoso’s intuitive platform gave Tiffany two different reports to track success. The first told her how many sales team members were engaging with the platform and how much they were spending. The second told her whether the direct mail ultimately drove more meetings and closed deals.

She found a positive correlation between how much an SDR was sending and meetings booked.

In fact, the SDRs were seeing that 60–70% of their direct mail sends turned into meetings.

Cupcake success spreads to sales campaigns

The cupcakes proved to be effective and even drove more engagement to the company brand. So the team decided to expand how they used Sendoso.

SDRs began using Sendoso to send coffee eGift cards after meetings and webinars as a thank you.

“Sendoso has really streamlined processes,” said Tiffany. “Due to the notifications from Sendoso when a send has landed on the decision maker’s desk, sales is able to check in at the right time to push the deal forward.”

Not to mention the time saved.

“If we had to do this on our own—package 200 packages—it would have taken us forever and taken us away from our day-to-day jobs,” Tiffany noted.

She added that the team had more time to set more meetings, drive more engagement, and build better relationships with their prospects. As a result, they made more money.

After adding Sendoso, Tiffany found that an opportunity moved through the sales pipeline 50% faster. Overall, across all their sends, they influenced $5.8M of pipeline in just eight months with Sendoso.

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