March 16, 2021

How CRMNext Uses Sending to Drive Sales Velocity with Financial Services Clients

Nova Halliwell
Nova Halliwell

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Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions possess an enviable amount of data about their customers—from contact information to employment history. And yet, most Financial Services (FS) organizations don’t mine this repository to create personalized offers, finetune communications, or cross/up-sell their existing customers.

That’s where CRMNext, the leading enterprise CRM solution provider for financial services, comes in. They help banks and credit unions unite their sprawling tech stack in order to create a single, holistic view of the customer across all channels, products, and services.

But before CRMNext can help clients revolutionize their sales and marketing functions, they must first establish the value of doing so. For CRMNext’s Head of Marketing James Gilbert, one of the simplest and most effective ways to convince customers of the benefit of change is by demonstrating the impact of creative, relevant, and personalized outreach.

“Banks and credit unions are known to send a lot of direct mail, but that outreach isn’t always relevant or personalized,” says James. “Using a platform like Sendoso to supplement our sales and marketing efforts demonstrates how you can create an experience around sending campaigns.”

In this post, we sit down with James to discuss how he leverages our Sending Platform at several distinct points throughout the sales journey to satisfy a variety of sales and marketing goals—from driving SQL conversion to closing deals.

How CRMNext Leverages Sendoso Throughout the Sales Funnel

Top of funnel: Like the old saying goes, you only have one chance to make a good first impression. CRMNext takes this advice to heart with their top-of-funnel Demo Bites campaign, a hyper-personalized, “bite-sized” demo that’s based on the client’s specific pain points. As an added incentive, prospects receive a Sendoso eGift to DoorDash or a local restaurant of their choosing once they complete the demo.

Bottom of funnel: For top-tier accounts, James and his team leverage Sendoso’s personalized sending capabilities to share hyper-personalized gifts or experiences, such as sports paraphernalia or event tickets.

New customers: Deployment is another critical phase where CRMNext leverages Sendoso to build excitement with new users and speed adoption. In this phase, James and his team aim to create CRMNext brand ambassadors within the client organization, often sending test users branded swag like notebooks, mugs, and T-shirts through Sendoso’s platform.

Always-On/Drip: CRMNext’s always-on campaign is a new take on those famous marketing P’s. Instead of product, price, promotion, and place, we’re talking podcasts, plants, and personalized outreach. For high-value listeners and influencers that tune into CRMNext’s podcast, James and his team send succulents and a personalized note through the Sendoso platform urging prospects to consider how CRMNext can “help them grow.”

Best Practices: How CRMNext is Driving Impact through a Comprehensive Sending Strategy

Now that we’ve reviewed how CRMNext leverages Sendoso throughout the sales funnel, we can explore how they maximize the impact of their sends and the sales actions they support.

1. Integrate Sending within the Sales Process

Sending might be an effective way to cut through a noisy market and drive conversion throughout the sales funnel, but delivering personalized and relevant outreach can’t become an arduous process. CRMNext integrates sending within their sales platform, Hubspot, so that sales reps can quickly and easily initiate a send.

2. Incentivize the Sales Team to Drive Adoption

Sending gifts is an underused tactic in the FS world. On one hand, that means that organizations using this approach have an opportunity to really stand out. On the other, sales reps themselves need to be convinced of the value sending. To that end, James has created a number of ways to demonstrate the return on sending campaigns and incentivize sales reps to develop an effective strategy.

As the world’s leading sending platform, Sendoso can help clients educate their sales and marketing teams on the power of creative, personalized, and relevant sends.

Impact: Results from CRMNext’s Sending Campaigns

Velocity: Conversion from SQL to demo was slashed from up to 60 or 90 days to just a matter of hours after contacts received a send.

Conversion: The conversion rate of a demo to opp jumped from 40% to 80%.

Deals Closed: Two key accounts secured.

“What we’re doing with Sendoso is something that most of our clients have never seen before,” said James. “It’s a ‘wow’ factor. I want to use Sendoso 100 times more than we already do because the results are immediate.”

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