January 4, 2022

Custom Brand Shop Gives You The Power of Choice


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  • A study has found that 80% of consumers like receiving promotional products from companies.
  • The Custom Brand Shop is a self-serve marketplace to order branded merchandise or swag.
  • You can save time by simply ordering from the Custom Brand Shop.

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Increase brand awareness and build relationships with your customers and prospects with branded merchandise. Whether it’s a t-shirt, a tote bag, or a water bottle, a custom logo product is a great way to showcase your brand. A study conducted by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) found that 80% of consumers like receiving promotional products, and 71% wish they received branded merchandise more often!

But sourcing, designing, and ordering products can be time-consuming, not to mention anxiety-producing. How to choose the perfect item? The products bearing your logo should convey the right message about your brand; that same PPAI study found that 72% of consumers equate the quality of a promotional product with a company’s reputation.

That’s why Sendoso launched the Custom Brand Shop, a seamless, self-serve marketplace where you can order branded merchandise directly from within the Sendoso platform. The shop launched in October 2021.

No longer do you need to spend hours searching online for the right product, opening multiple purchase orders, and arranging shipping just to get a mug with your logo on it. The Custom Brand Shop delivers an easy, end-to-end experience that eliminates manual processes and makes sourcing branded swag efficient and painless.

The Power of Choice with Custom Branded Merchandise

The Custom Brand Shop gives you the power of choice when it comes to choosing branded merchandise. If you’re a self-serve kind of person, you can shop, design, and order items at your convenience from an extensive inventory that includes a wide selection of apparel, from t-shirts to accessories, as well as bags, drinkware, and tech. You can also browse by brand or category of product, like “office,” “wellness” or “trade show.”

But our goal isn’t to overwhelm you with too many choices. If you’re not sure where to start, you have another option: collaborate with us! Connect with one of our expert Send Curators for a bespoke experience, who’ll work with you to brainstorm, source, and order items. They’ve got hands-on experience creating and sending thousands of items through our vendor network.

We also give you the power of choice when it comes to quantities. You don’t have to order in bulk just to get your logo on six caps for a team meeting. You can order as many items as you need from the Custom Brand Shop, whether that’s a few products—or 10,000.

Our Custom Brand Shop Offers an Easy In-App Experience

With the Custom Brand Shop, creating and sending branded merchandise just got much easier, because we’ve centralized the entire process and eliminated unnecessary steps. You can browse the inventory and customize the promotional products you choose by uploading your logo or other images—all from within the Sendoso platform.

We’ve also reduced some of the uncertainty that comes from ordering corporate swag. The Custom Brand Shop lets you visualize your final product without ever leaving your computer. You can even send yourself a sample to review the quality and ensure it meets your expectations.

Effortless Experience Ordering Custom Branded Products

Your time is valuable, and the Custom Brand Shop eliminates the time marketing and sales teams spend manually searching and ordering custom branded products, filling out forms, and tracking budgets.

“Using Custom Brand Shop was very easy, including being able to search, filter, and find branded merchandise,” said Modal Marketing Director Sarah Moy. “There was a ton of variety in the kinds of items that were available.”

Sendoso branded merchandise

Seamless Inventory Integration

You have better things to do than pawing through boxes in a “swag closet” or trying to remember how many XL t-shirts you have on hand. When you order from Sendoso’s Custom Brand Shop, the items ship directly to the Sendoso warehouse and integrate with your existing inventory there. Now you have your swag closet in the cloud.

You can view your inventory in real-time, re-order and send more inventory to our warehouses with just one click, and set alerts for low inventory so your items are never out of stock.

Like all of the features on the Sendoso platform, our goal with the Custom Brand Shop is to make it easier for you to scale and reach customers all over the world with highly personalized, high-impact connections. For more product features and enhancements, check out what’s new to see how we tirelessly work on innovating new solutions to make sending personalized gifts or promo items easier on you.

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