April 13, 2022

Diverse marketplace now delivers the gift of Goldbelly


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Your customers are special. Great gifts should reflect the person sending them and the person receiving them, and that means picking something that’s both special and specific. Our expansive marketplace of thousands of options is already selective, including eGifts, virtual experiences, and more. But we don’t stop there. We continuously search for new partners that offer unique products and services. Then we make sure they integrate into our leading Sending Platform so you can easily gift to your customers or employees. Today’s latest addition reflects our ongoing pursuit of expanding new gift options for you.

We are excited to welcome Goldbelly as our newest vendor partner. A curated list of Goldbelly’s best sellers can now be ordered and delivered through the Sendoso sending platform, giving Sendoso customers the ability to truly add some “flavor” to their gifting strategy.

What is Goldbelly?

Goldbelly is the first platform for national food e-commerce whose mission is to connect people with their most loved foods, restaurants, and experiences, no matter where they are.

Goldbelly searches the country to discover the most unique, creative, and legendary foods and makers—from the county’s top chefs and most iconic restaurants to the most renowned bakeries, pizzerias, pitmasters, and artisan shops. With an ever-expanding, curated selection of the nation’s best regional, small-batch foods, Goldbelly empowers restaurants and food makers by offering a platform for small local businesses to reach new customers outside of their local area.

Craving some New York cheesecake, Philly cheesesteaks, or Chicago deep dish pizza?  Goldbelly offers these from the best restaurants, along with other awesome regional treats. By living its mission, Goldbelly helps its small business partners grow while delivering “surprising and delightful” specialty foods right to customers’ doors.

Goldbelly is Sendoso’s newest vendor partner

Sendoso’s partnership with Goldbelly enables marketing, sales, HR, and customer success teams to make memorable impressions for any occasion.

After all, everyone loves to receive something special delivered right to their door​​—which is much preferred over opening an email. This is especially true for your customers, prospects, and employees. Like many Sendoso customers, a sending strategy can be built into every phase of the customer journey. It can:

  • Drive interest to incentivize leads
  • Engage prospects and stay top-of-mind
  • Motivate prospects to take action
  • Show your appreciation during customer or employee onboarding
  • Celebrate personal and professional milestones

With a selection of America’s top foods, Goldbelly is the perfect fit for any sending strategy. Goldbelly items are great ways to personalize your send (your physical gift). And they even include the ability to add a personalized message so you can tailor your gifts for each recipient.

Where did your customer go to college? Find that local shop that brings them back to their beloved college town. Is your customer hosting an important small team meeting or celebrating a team win? Send them an artisan cake for their celebration. You can even find ways to get creative with Goldbelly gifts, like sending pies on Pi Day or a barbeque basket to kick off the summer grilling season.

Bartolini pizza delivered with Sendoso and Goldbelly

Goldbelly on Sendoso’s sending platform

Sending Goldbelly items can be done right from the Sendoso Platform. The platform also integrates with most customer relationship management solutions, making it simple for you to send that New York cheesecake. Try out Goldbelly today—we’ve made it easy for you with just a few clicks.

The best corporate gifts on Sendoso

Goldbelly is a welcome addition to Sendoso’s product lineup. We have hundreds of fun, unique, and desirable gifts, which can be found in our catalog.

A corporate gifting strategy that incorporates unique gifts like the best Goldbelly items can generate over 200% campaign ROI. If your marketing or sales team isn’t using the Sendoso sending platform to nurture your pipeline, request a demo today to see how it works.

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