June 19, 2018

Enabling Sales Reps to Send Their Own Gifts ft. the RollWorks SDR Team


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With so many competing products in the SaaS landscape, we essentially choose to buy from the teams we like. Through the deal, it’s important to build rapport, and one of the ways to do this right out of the gate is by personalizing your outreach.

Weaving a personal touch into your process can show that you’re doing your research, trying to get to know their likes and dislikes and build a relationship.

Jessica Cross, ABM at RollWorks, shared how she has empowered her reps with the Sendoso amazon integration and the unique ideas they had to engage their top tier target accounts. Check out these sends and messaging that went with it.

Succulents to Freshen Up the Office

Onesie to Celebrate a Newborn

Alumni Mug

Seasonal Gift

The best part about gifting in the prospecting process is that it allows your sales team to be creative and start off the sales cycle on the right foot. SDR work can be monotonous at times and can lead to lower productivity and lack of fulfillment in the role. By allowing your team to get gifting, get creative, and show how they can be strategic, it can lead to more positive benefits for your team than just higher bookings.

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