February 23, 2024

Sendoso is the #1 Solution for Account-Based Execution

Brittany Klokkenga
Brittany Klokkenga

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We get to work with some of the smartest go-to-market teams in the world— 91% of whom would be likely to recommend Sendoso and 98% rating us four or five stars. Here are some of the reasons why, according to G2’s data and reviews:

Sendoso has a faster go-live time than 71% of the other companies in the Account-Based Execution Software and the Account-Based Direct Mail categories (less than a month!), enabling quick implementation and speed to ROI:

“We wanted to move fast, Sendoso delivered. We onboarded in less than an hour and started to see ROI that same day with digital sends. They walked us through how to measure success and we were able to keep running without too many delays.” Bryce N.

Sendoso empowers you to cut through the noise to connect with prospects you couldn’t reach before:

“The massive inventory and ability to send gifts directly through Amazon Prime is perfection. One of the things that makes a sales person cut through the noise is being unique. With Sendoso, I can couple a clever metaphor with a quirky gift picked *just* for my prospect. This has taken our overall outbound sales engine’s meetings booked game to the (you guessed it) NEXT LEVEL.” Sarah B.

Sendoso keeps teams in the tools they’re already using giving them visibility into valuable marketing, sales, and CX activity:

“Sendoso fits into the integrated marketing machine. They are fully integrated with SFDC, offer integrations to Marketo and Xant, and make it easy to get setup. The big plus, and what really makes Sendoso a valuable partner, is the project management and customer success teams. I’m always able to get help with setup and potential issues. They have helped me execute ambitious ideas, and they have saved me dozens of hours per project. They also will warehouse items for you.” Cody D.

During this period of uncertainty when in-person interactions are limited, our purpose has never been more critical: enabling companies to create extraordinary experiences across the customer lifecycle that drive more meetings and revenue, while conserving budget.

Big thanks to our customers for once again making us a leader. Check out more Sendoso reviews on our G2 page.

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