March 10, 2024

5 Ways Companies Are Achieving Sending Success in Sales


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  • Customers are evolving, and they care about their privacy. They prefer companies that respect their privacy.
  • People are more willing to respond to a campaign accompanied by a corporate gift than a traditional campaign.
  • Talkdesk saved over 12 hours weekly and generated $2.4M+ in the sales pipeline

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According to direct mail reports, 73% of senders report higher opportunity creation from sending gifts and 64% of senders report higher campaign return on investment (ROI) from sending.

Consider what this could mean for your team: helping them close more deals, boost sales growth, and engage the target market.

But that’s only part of the story. People are more willing to respond to a campaign accompanied by a corporate gift than a traditional campaign. And now, social distancing has made sales leaders look for new sales strategies to connect with their prospects.

This encourages many sales leaders to consider platforms like Sendoso. Let’s take a closer look.

#1 Gong’s sending campaign led to a whopping 400 new meetings and millions of influenced pipeline

Like boxing, getting the attention of key decision-makers at top accounts is a hard sport. To win, you need a variety of tactics and training.

And with your competitors only a click away, your best bet is to look for the best sales strategy and be an authority in your industry. Let’s explain.

Gong had several goals. Their team needed to Outperform competitors, get new customers, and gain the attention of key decision-makers at top accounts

Before using Sendoso, Gong sales development representatives (SDRs) spent weeks trying to book an initial meeting with prospects, which yielded few results.

Gong’s sales team launched a campaign using the Sending Platform to send corporate gifts and promotional products. This proved to work as SDRs secured 400 new meetings from this sending strategy. They were able to capture the attention of key decision-makers on top accounts.

With Sendoso’s Salesforce integration, the sales team received alerts when the package was delivered, and they coordinated follow-up using Outreach.

#2 Zendesk’s sales strategy generated 15× ROI with an Oscar-worthy send

Zendesk builds customer relationship management (CRM) software designed to improve customer relationships. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Zendesk needed a new sales strategy to engage existing customers working from home. They also wanted to speed up the rate of their open leads.

Before using Sendoso, the team used a direct mail marketing sending platform, but prospects were skeptical about giving out their home addresses. With Sendoso, they were able to ease the minds of their prospects.

Zendesk Senior Regional Marketing Associate Kimberly Walker said, “Sendoso gives them more confidence, helping them understand that their address isn’t being shared across other platforms.”

With Sendoso, the Zendesk marketing team was able to:

The campaign delivered results:

  • 2,000% QoQ increase in new business pipeline generation
  • 15× ROI increase

#3 Talkdesk saved 12+ hours a week and generated $2.4M+ in the sales pipeline

For Talkdesk, direct mail campaigns were a new thing. They didn’t know how to automate the process, so all of their sends were manual. Talkdesk spent 12 hours a week sourcing the items, packaging them, and shipping manually, diverting resources from other marketing projects.

Talkdesk’s marketing team used Sendoso as a platform to:

  • Alert their sales team
  • Automate every process
  • Integrates their CRM
  • Spend more time on other marketing projects

As part of the team’s sales strategy, they launched a multichannel campaign to share their “Total Economic Impact (TEI) Report” of customer success stories. The campaign also included handwritten notes to 150 people. In all, Talkdesk sent 297 packages.

The campaign delivered results:

  • Build $2.4M+ in the sales pipeline
  • Save over 12 hours a week
  • Send alerts to SDRs

#4 increased their “meetings booked” to “meetings held” rate by 115% and generated 840% ROI across all direct mail sends

For, it all started with a marketing goal: Find a sending platform that could improve their sales strategy and help their sales team build relationships.

Using Sendoso and the Platform, the sales team created an automated workflow that maximized meeting conversions. And in minutes, the sales team could send personalized gifts.

The campaign delivered results:

  • An increase of $130 in the pipeline for every $1 spent on eGift cards
  • A 115% QoQ increase in converted meetings booked to meetings held
  • 840% ROI across all Sendoso campaigns in 2019

#5 Custom sends effortlessly boost Guru response rates by 5×

If you ask marketing experts about sales strategies, one of their answers will be to do some cold outreach. It’s a sure way of getting new customers. But can this method be improved?

Let’s explore Guru and their approach. To make their campaigns stand out, Guru sent boxes of cupcakes to prospects’ offices. In two months, over 300 cold prospects received cupcakes with a personalized note from an account development representative.

What happened next was remarkable. Suddenly, those who didn’t reply to previous cold emails started replying. This simple technique brought results!

The campaign delivered results:

  • 5× response rate compared to campaigns without gifting
  • 3× ROI of the sales pipeline generated from sends

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