February 23, 2024

Companies Achieve 212% ROI Using Sendoso: Forrester TEI Report™


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For any business to thrive, it needs to identify the best approaches to fostering deeper and more authentic relationships. Whether it’s a salesperson looking to increase close rates, a marketer focused on creating greater demand and engagement, or a customer experience leader exploring ways to increase retention, these touchpoints all require more humanized and personalized interactions.

But when we’re continuously bombarded with phone calls, emails, videos and other messages, how can companies establish the right set of approaches that can cut through the noise?

Consider integrating sending as part of your engagement strategy – combining physical sending with email marketing and marketing automation. Today, we’re excited to share the findings of a Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study that evaluates the cost savings and business benefits of Sendoso’s sending platform. We wanted to better understand the return on investment and multiple benefits to customers, and in turn provide anyone considering a sending solution with a framework for  how Sendoso delivers immediate benefits to a business’ sales and marketing strategies.

Forrester researchers evaluated the impact that we deliver to our customers, including conducting interviews with customers to analyze the costs, benefits and risks, and risk-adjusted financial modeling.  Some of interesting highlights to note:

  • Customers using Sendoso – achieved an ROI of 212%, with a payback period of under six months.
  • One  customer achieved $120 million in active opportunities with 19% closing in the last 12 months (on a spend of $200k in Sendoso)
  • Sendoso helped another customer bring an extra $1 million in revenue back to the organization.

A few of the other benefits uncovered in the research include:

  • Increased sales velocity Our customers increased meeting acceptance rates and deal close rates after incorporating Sendoso into their nurture campaigns. In one instance, our platform helped to shorten the average sales cycle by 15%.
  • Increased retention and flexible offerings. Organizations found that eGifts, for example, helped to maintain engagement – something that some customers are now using in conjunction with virtual events. Furthermore, with Sendoso’s charity option, companies can offer a donation to a local charity, helping our customers to stay engaged in fundraising and community efforts.
  • Improved alignment between sales and marketing. As Sendoso seamlessly integrates sales enablement platforms and CRMs, all customers interviewed experienced greater alignment across sales and marketing teams.
  • Scalability with no additional costs. Without the Sendoso platform, customers would not be able to execute on the various eGifts and direct mail sends they offer. Sendoso’s logistics savings mean that customers gain time back and don’t need to hire additional employees to complete the sending activities.

As companies break through the digital noise, Sendoso has demonstrated that it’s the most effective way to achieve meaningful and authentic relationships that ultimately drive pipeline and revenue.

To access the full study, The Total Economic Impact™ of the Sendoso Sending Platform, click here.

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