May 22, 2024

How to Be Customer-Focused in Sales Right Now

Sunshine Levin
Sunshine Levin

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This post is brought to you by SalesLoft Director of Customer & Analyst Relations, Sunshine Levin. SalesLoft is a sales engagement platform designed to help companies generate pipeline, manage deals, and engage customers.  

We’re all feeling varying degrees of helplessness right now, and truth be told, we’re powerless to affect change with much of what’s happening in the world. Given that reality, there’s only so much COVID news you can digest before inertia sets in.

But instead of news you can’t use, we have some suggestions on how to affect change within your sphere of control.

As we all navigate this peculiar crisis, one of the best ways to find meaning is by helping others. At SalesLoft, we’re using this time to double down on one of our five core values: put the customer first. We are hyper-focused on solving our customers’ problems. Let’s talk about what that looks like and how you can do it, too.

Share Knowledge Like it’s Going Out of Style

At SalesLoft, we’re building content resources specifically aimed at helping our customers through this period. Our Thrive 2020 content hub is a one-stop-shop for content that helps customers cope with this global disruption. Thrive 2020 includes things like:

In addition, our SVP of Sales Strategy and Sales Operations, Jeremey Donovan, frequently posts pro-tip videos to his LinkedIn page, which are available for anyone to watch. He also hosts our “Hey Salespeople” podcast, which features interviews with sales industry heavy-hitters who provide listeners with immediately actionable advice.

Rigorously Adapt (and Support) Your Product

Once we started to see more and more of our customers move to 100% remote work, we knew they would need new capabilities and tools to keep team collaboration strong and quotas on track. So, we immediately accelerated the development and release of new platform features to better equip our customers to work from anywhere. Among these, an all-new Analytics Overview provides an instant health check on sales processes and team performance.

To provide superior support for these new platform updates, we increased our Daily Office Hours, a live Q&A session where customers can ask us anything — from cadence best practices to recommended automation rules and everything in between. We also record every session so that any customer who can’t make it can watch at the best time for them.

Beyond these measures, we expanded our SalesLoft University catalog to offer free training on topics like how to get the most from the SalesLoft platform, which is especially timely for new users who might not be able to work one-on-one with their managers to get up to speed.

Don’t Just Look for the Helpers, Be One

Doubling down on customer service during a global pandemic requires being one-part MacGuyver and one-part Mother Teresa. Take off your sales hat, get creative, and be charitable. We’re all looking for lifelines in our respective struggles right now — but don’t just look for the helpers. Be one, too.

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