August 8, 2019

How to Pick the Perfect Sales Prospecting Gift

Grace Dille
Grace Dille

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We get it: Coming up with the right sales prospecting gift can be tough.

Research shows that the best sales prospecting gift is a personalized one. Targeting customers on a one-to-one basis increases response rates by up to 50% or more. What’s more, 96% of digital marketers say personalization advances customer relationships.

So how do you pick something that will be meaningful and personalized for someone you haven’t known for a long time? The last thing you want is to send something generic that will get tossed in the trash.

Thankfully, social media can help. Our prospects share their interests, hobbies, important life events, and anything else they want on places like LinkedIn and Twitter—creating a rich resource for learning more about the people you want to connect with.

Personalized gifts make your prospects feel valued, trust your brand more, and think of your brand each time they use your gift.

So maybe save that swag bundle for your lower-level accounts. When it comes to the big ones, you’re going to need to bring out the big guns to really wow them. And you’re going to have to start sleuthing on social media.

Five Creative Sales Prospecting Gifts That Get Responses

Sales Prospecting Gift #1

The alma mater send. Check out your prospect’s LinkedIn profile and see what college they attended. Then, you can send them a tumbler mug with their alma mater’s name or logo on it. We’ve seen this gift work really well because it’s practical and inspires a warm sense of nostalgia.

Sales Prospecting Gift #2

The sports send. After checking out someone’s Twitter, you may find that they’re a raving fan of the local sports team. Send them a player bobblehead, team jersey, or even tickets to the next game. Depending on the sport, you can also throw in a branded football, baseball, or soccer ball. Have everyone on your team sign it for an even more personal touch!

Sales Prospecting Gift #3

The hobby send. Your prospect’s social media feed might also reveal a picture or two of them doing a hobby they love. Or maybe they’ve posted some articles relating to their hobby. Let’s say they’re a runner and they’ve shared some articles on the benefits of running or even posted pictures of them competing in local 5K races. You can send them a Fitbit (or another activity tracker), a reusable water bottle, or Bluetooth headphones—items that all fitness lovers can use. Depending on what their hobby is, you can easily come up with a unique prospecting gift idea they are sure to love.

Sales Prospecting Gift #4

The pet send. Any pet-lover will understand just how much people adore their furry friends. Has your prospect ever posted a picture of their loving pet? If they have a dog, you can easily send them a new branded leash, tennis ball, or chew toy for them to use with their pup. Cat owners will likely appreciate string toys, kitty treats, or anything containing catnip. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas (for the prospect with a pet iguana, perhaps), just do a quick Google search on great gifts for [insert pet] and then find that type of gift on Amazon!

Sales Prospecting Gift #5

The baby send. Parents love sharing photos of their newest little ones on social media. If your prospect happens to be one of these people who just welcomed a member to their family, you’re in luck. You can send them a cute baby onesie, like the one we have on our Sendoso store! It has a stork carrying a baby and says, “Sendoso Special Delivery.” This adorable and unique corporate gift idea will make them smile and keep their baby in style. Cute stuffed animals, children’s books, and flowers can also be a great gift for your prospects.

With our Amazon integration, you can send anything you want. But the point is that you should be putting thought and effort into whatever you choose to send as a prospecting gift.

More Creative Ways to Get a Prospect’s Attention

By attaching a handwritten note with these personalized gifts, you can let them know you put in the effort to find the perfect gift for your prospects. Say something like, “Saw on your Twitter that you’re a beach lover. Here’s a floppy sun hat to encourage you to take that well-deserved vacation ASAP!” Depending on what you send and which social media of theirs you check out, you can change the note accordingly.

Even if you don’t have the budget or time to send a physical gift, handwritten notes can be a powerful tool in your sales cycle—prospects still think of it as a gift! And you can still leverage social media to find out what’s important in both your prospects’ personal and professional lives.

For example, maybe you saw on your prospect’s social media that their company just received a new round of funding. You can celebrate their successes in your handwritten note and congratulate them on a job well done. Let them know you’ve been watching their team and love seeing the continuous growth! Keep the note light and approachable—like a friend congratulating a friend, as opposed to a hardcore sales pitch.

Your prospects will appreciate you taking the time to send them a note for important life milestones. It lets you connect with your prospect on a friendly level and show them that you’re human too, not just a salesperson. In turn, your prospects will feel valued and trust your brand.

Use social media to find out what your customers or prospects love and are choosing to share with the world. With just a little social media research and creativity, you’re sure to come up with the perfect gifts for your prospects.

Want more ideas for effective sales prospecting gifts? Check out our popular eBook for 101 unforgettable corporate gift ideas!

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