June 16, 2020

Personalize Your Prospect and Employee Experience: New Integrations with Sendoso

Brittany Klokkenga
Brittany Klokkenga

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Relationships matter. At Sendoso, we’ve always believed this. And we know they matter more than ever in a remote-work world, where you rarely get to interact with someone outside of a digital screen.

That’s why we’ve been laser-focused on building connectivity features that help you create personal relationships, no matter where you’re working.

That momentum continues today as we announce two new integrations, XANT and Enboarder, that help your sales and HR teams create those personal relationships by sending from within the tools they use every day.

Let’s dive deeper into what these new integrations mean for you.

New Sendoso Integrations

Keep Prospects Engaged with Sendoso + XANT

XANT is a sales engagement platform helping enterprise customers deliver results and improving productivity, visibility, and prioritization.

Sendoso’s integration with XANT enables your sales and SDR teams to send directly from XANT playbooks to:

  • Initiate meaningful conversations and make a memorable first impression by sending personalized gifts, branded swag, eGifts, and more.
  • Increase demo attendance by sending coffee or lunch eGifts the day of the scheduled meeting.
  • Nurture relationships and close deals by sending personalized gifts at key moments in the sales cycle.
  • Reduce time to closed/won by sending strategic items that foster relationships and trust with your prospects.

Celebrate Employee Milestones with Sendoso + Enboarder

Driving Revenue, Together

Enboarder is a visual automation software for HR teams that empowers companies to build and deliver personalized, connected experiences for its workforce throughout each employee’s company tenure.

Sendoso’s integration with Enboarder helps your HR and employee experience teams to:

  • Introduce new employees to the company by sending welcome kits so they can represent company swag from day one and beyond.
  • Celebrate important milestones by sending handwritten notes and gifts to congratulate a promotion, wish them a happy birthday, and celebrate work anniversaries.
  • Support and stay connected with employees while they’re taking parental leave and welcoming them back to work.

From handwritten notes to virtual workout classes to a meditation subscription, the ideas are endless to show your employees that you care.

Ensuring the Security of Your Sends

We always have, and always will take the security of our platform and the security of our customers’ data very seriously.

  • SOC 2 Type 2 Certification: We’re very happy to announce that we have completed our SOC 2 Type 2 compliance certification—assuring our customer’s data is transferred, stored, processed, and maintained responsibly.
  • New single sign-on options: Allowing Sendoso customers to sign in to their Sendoso account using Azure, GSuite, Okta, and OneLogin.

The Sendoso team invested countless hours in improving our integration experience. This release is a key reflection of those efforts. The new features and enhancements dramatically simplify and streamline sending from the tools you use every day.

Wishing everyone the best during this time. Happy sending!

To learn more, check out our integration pages for XANT and Enboarder. New to Sendoso? Click here to schedule a live custom demo today.

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