July 1, 2020

How LeanData Uses Sendoso to Drive Sales Opportunities During COVID-19

Brianna Valleskey
Brianna Valleskey

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LeanData is an enterprise revenue operations solution that stands at the center of CRM connecting the right data to the right people.

When the company was originally looking for a platform to send direct mail and gifts, LeanData Field Marketer Emily Kono explains, their main priority was to find a solution that was flexible enough to support multiple different go-to-market strategies, but also sending options and stakeholders. Sendoso’s sending platform checked all of their boxes.

“We have numerous different hands in our Sendoso instance every day in terms of marketing stakeholders as well as ADRs. And given our new normal, now more than ever, it’s so incredibly important that our tech stack answers the needs of multiple different teams so that we can be efficient, and Sendoso really does that for us,” Emily says.

With the power of LeanData’s matching and routing solutions, their sales and marketing teams trust the data coming in so that they then feel empowered to send the gift to the right prospects at the right time with Sendoso.

Hear the full Sendoso story from Emily herself at the LeanData Demo Day on July 8! She’ll join Sendoso’s Jerry Henry and Cody Farmer to go in-depth on how LeanData’s Analytics and Execution features paired with Sendoso can generate ROI in fast, connected, and measurable ways for sales and marketing teams.

During this session you will learn:

  • What’s Sendoso? And how does it integrate with your tech stack?
  • How LeanData has used Sendoso to drive 80+ new sales opportunities
  • How to keep deals moving forward, no matter where you’re working

We’ve partnered with LeanData, Salesforce, G2, and others on this event to give you insights into how today’s leading sales and marketing technologies empower teams to drive more revenue with less. Register to join us live or to receive all the recordings after!

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