August 16, 2022

New data reveals gifting unlocks customer loyalty


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  • We conducted a global survey of 1,254 respondents in the U.S. (501), U.K. (501), and Ireland (252). Everyone received a corporate gift of any size from a for-profit company they work with or use for personal purposes within the last 18 months.
  • 83% of respondents felt closer to companies who sent them corporate gifts.
  • Interest in gifts that support social causes or sustainability efforts are on the rise.

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As the world has shifted to remote work, it has left clients craving connection. Connection to their work, to people, and to a higher purpose.

After two years of rolling lockdowns, people are more eager than ever to create meaningful relationships, even with businesses.

The data proves the desire is there. A recent study commissioned by Sendoso reveals:

  • 35% of respondents have an increased openness to a company reaching out to them (UK 35%, IE 36%, US 38%).
  • 30% of respondents have an increased desire to connect with a company they use for personal or business reasons (UK 27%, IE 27%, US 35%).
  • 40% of respondents say they have a general increase in desire to connect with others (UK 40%, IE 38%, US 41%).

And get this: A whopping 83% of those surveyed who received a corporate gift in the past two years said it made them feel closer to the company that sent it.

As research shows, companies must adjust their account-based marketing strategies to meet customers where they are. Some benefits of corporate gifting include:

Incorporating gifting into your ABM strategy establishes loyal B2B clients

Giving Gifts that People Actually Want

To create connections, what you give and where you get it matter.

“Sendoso has always believed that authentic human connections are the antidote to our increasingly cluttered digital world,” said Sendoso CEO and Co-Founder Kris Rudeegraap. “We put the power of personal engagement and gifting at your fingertips.”

Create a memorable experience with a surprise! Who doesn’t love receiving a gift they weren’t expecting?

In fact, 24% of survey takers said it’s the best way to build a connection with a customer. This is then followed by gifting something practical (23%) and then a gift card to be used anywhere (20%).

How to gift a memorable experience

One Sendoso client created a splash with their “Netflix and Chill” campaign. Sendoso mailed a demo offer to recipients along with a Netflix gift card in a hot pink gift box. The gift was relevant and well timed for clients who were stuck at home at the height of the pandemic.

The campaign saw incredible results because it checked all the boxes: It was a surprise, it was practical, and the gift card was easy to use.

Results: The direct mail campaign drove a 3000% ROI in pipeline value for the client.

How to gift with gift cards

HighRadius used a giving strategy to incentivize prospects and book new meetings.

The company opted for Sendoso Choice, which curates bundles of two to four eGift options. It then puts the power in the hands of recipients to choose their favorite gift from the bundle. Not only are the eGifts incredibly easy to use, but they give the customer what they want.

Customers even have the option to use Charity Choice, which allows them to donate the total amount of the eGift to preselected charity options.

“If you know a customer is politically active and cares about social causes, if appropriate, share what your company is doing about those causes,” added Rudeegraap. “We’ve found that when companies are open about their social causes and issues, they’re more likely to build trust with their prospects and clients.”

What better way to empower your clients and show you care about their interests!

How to gift while making an impact

It’s clear from the study that consumers want gifts that make an impact on a larger scale. Show that you’re in tune with your clients’ passion projects with a gift that gives back.

Respondents want to receive gifts that support:

  • Small businesses (67%)
  • Local merchants or are locally sourced (63%)
  • And minority-owned businesses (58%)

One example of putting this into practice is Quantum Metric. “I love that feature on Sendoso,” said Tessa Corcoran, former event marketing coordinator at Quantum. “We offered them six Sendoso Direct items from minority-owned businesses and they were able to select whatever item they wanted. They loved that they could pick from it. They loved that they were minority-owned businesses.”

How it works

When you shop our high-quality stocked products on Sendoso Direct, you can filter gifts in a variety of categories, like women- and minority-owned businesses and sustainable products. If your clients are located internationally, you can even source “local gifts” to your client by sorting through gift selections regionally. This also helps you navigate customs and other international gifting laws.

How to gift with sustainability in mind

Another social cause you can gift by is sustainability. Our research shows that sustainability matters, especially in international markets.

The survey shows a dramatic increase in the desire for sustainable products in the UK and Ireland over the past two years:

  • Interest in sustainably manufactured gifts in the U.K. rose from 36% to 59%.
  • Interest rose from 36% to 61% in Ireland.
  • The demand in the U.S. remained steady at about 50%.

Overall, more than half of international respondents (57%) feel it’s important that corporate gifts be manufactured in a sustainable way. Previously, less than one third of those surveyed put a value on sustainable gifting.

Sustainable gifting includes options for zero-waste packaging, ways to offset a company’s carbon footprint, or gifts produced in a carbon-neutral or sustainable manner. Sendoso is working hard towards a carbon neutral footprint by 2040, with its greenSendoso initiatives and commitment to more sustainable packaging for physical gifts.

Add Authenticity to Your Gifting Process

Authenticity is at the heart of any successful gifting campaign, especially with the goal of building genuine connections. Personalized gifting can take your gift ideas to the next level, and handwritten notes can really uplevel your gifting experience in a relationational way.

Sendoso can include a handwritten note with any gift for an extra personal touch.

“If you come up with a pun, whether it’s the handwritten note or the gift itself, it creates some smile, laughter, quirkiness that really showcases that you’re thoughtful,” said Rudeegraap.

It’s worth noting that branded gifts do not connect with clients, with only 6% of respondents saying they felt a connection through this type of gift.

Customers want to feel special and respected, and a corporate gift should reflect their interests. Incorporating thoughtful gifts into your marketing, sales, HR, or CX campaigns to bolster relationships. Not sure where to start? Read our Definitive Guide to Gift Giving to learn from our in-house gift experts the best tips on becoming an excellent gift-giver, no matter your previous experience.

Sendoso is here to help you create an effective custom gifting program that will drive results. If you rather we take the lead, request a demo to see what Sendoso can do for your team.

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