April 22, 2024

New Sendoso Features to Help Our Customers During COVID-19

Brianna Valleskey
Brianna Valleskey

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Things are different than they were a couple of months ago.

Everyone is working from home. Events are canceled. Business travel is stalled.

At Sendoso, we’re committed to helping our customers keep deals moving forward, no matter where they’re working. We demonstrated that last month when we released our Address Confirmation feature (which allows a recipient to confirm their current address before a package is shipped), opened up unlimited access to our Sendoso Direct feature, and added numerous new perishable and eGift options available in the platform.

This month, we’re continuing to empower Sendoso users with even more improvements and new offerings via Sendoso Direct, eGifts, and Sendoso Choice. These timely updates enable our customers to ensure their sends are hyper-relevant to the current environment and valuable to their recipients.

New Sendoso Features to Leverage During This Time

Sendoso Direct: New Offerings & UX

Sendoso customers can share their support for small businesses by sending the sweet, savory, and fresh products from local merchants through our platform via Sendoso Direct. We’re continually adding new merchants and new options to offer our customers so that they can be relevant, thoughtful, and personal with their sends.

We know that many families are sheltering in place together during this time and are in search of ways to keep young children engaged, so we’ve added a few “snacktivities” to our Sendoso Direct offerings like a cookie mix kit and a cookie decorating kit from The Cravory.

We’ve also received requests for more healthy options to send. Sendoso customers will now be able to send a nutritious “WFH snackbox” from SnackNation or a fresh fruit box from The Fruit Guys. But because everything should be done in moderation, we’ve also added some new sweet offerings with chocolate bars, whoopie cookies, and cookie cups.

Finally, we updated our UX for Sendoso Direct to make it easy for our customers to find these new and existing Sendoso Direct offerings.

eGifts: New Offerings

eGifts have been extremely popular during this time due to the immediate delivery to recipients and the ability to offer multiple eGift options using our Sendoso Choice feature (which allows you to let your recipient choose which gift they redeem). Our customers have been using Sendoso Choice to curate bundled gift options of “groceries & essentials,” “remote work care packages,” “boredom fighters,” and more.

You can also include a CharityChoice eGift as an option, allowing your recipient to donate the gift amount to the charity of their choice.

With April’s launch, we’ve added a list of food delivery services as options for eGifts, including GrubHub, UberEats, Seamless, and DoorDash. We’ve also made limited-time options to help with mental and physical health (ClassPass, Headspace, Blue Apron), as well as entertainment options (Netflix), available to our customers.

Sendoso Choice: New Ways to Send

Because our customers have been utilizing our Sendoso Choice feature so much during this time to send relevant and thoughtful gift offers, we’ve made some updates to that feature, as well. Sendoso customers can show recipients they’re listening by sending gift options tailored to their interests directly from Salesforce, SalesLoft, HubSpot, and Outreach. We’ve also made it possible to use Sendoso Choice in Marketo automated campaigns and nurtures – making it easy to automate sends based on user actions.

Address Confirmation: Available for Amazon

We’ve also enabled the ability to use our Address Confirmation with any Amazon sends. Now when you send someone something off of Amazon, you’ll be able to confirm the best shipping address so that your recipient receives the package wherever they currently are in the world.

Whether times are uncertain or not, we are committed to helping our customers drive revenue, retention, and engagement. We can’t thank them enough for continually sharing critical feedback that allows us to be a trusted resource and build the leading Sending Platform.

Wishing everyone the best during this time.

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