December 23, 2020

New Year, New Targets: How 6sense Used Sendoso + SalesLoft to Launch their 2021 BDR Dream Machine

Nova Halliwell
Nova Halliwell

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Over the past year, the most successful companies were the ones that embraced change by adopting a creative, diverse, and integrated sales strategy.

And though the world may have turned the metaphorical corner with the introduction of a COVID-19 vaccine, a full recovery will take time. Sales organizations will need to constantly reevaluate and shift their strategy in response to changes in the market.

During the recent webinar New Year, New Targets, Sendoso Senior Director of Product Marketing Lauren Barraco sat down with 6sense Senior Director of Sales Development Ernest Owusu, and SalesLoft Senior Director of Sales Development Amanda Holcombe to discuss this shift and the principles guiding their 2021 sales strategy. Here are some key takeaways from their session.

Be Agile: Add Multiple Channels to Prospecting

During the past year, people’s lives have changed, which means that the way organizations sell must also change. According to Ernest, this disruption of the traditional work environment meant that organizations couldn’t necessarily rely on their standard sales channels, such as in-person meetings, lunch dates, events, or conferences.

“This is why it’s so important to take a multi-channel approach to prospecting and sales,” he explains. “Lives have changed, so we need to change how we connect with people.”

Engagement and responses through social media, particularly in campaigns that leverage direct messaging and video, have grown exponentially over the past few months—a change that he attributes to people being at home and looking for a connection.

Stay Relevant and Prioritize Your Outreach

For many sales organizations, the reality of today’s environment is that they must adapt their strategy at a time when teams may be smaller and resources tighter. For Amanda, this underscores the need for prioritization in targeting key accounts and being efficient with lower tiers.

So how does one know how to prioritize? Amanda leverages a variety of tools and technologies to understand which accounts to target, when to reach out and how to improve conversion.

  • Step 1: Identify key accounts with “intent detection” capabilities like those offered by 6sense.
  • Step 2: Set your campaign cadence through optimization and automation tools offered by SalesLoft.
  • Step 3: Leverage a company like Sendoso to hyper-personalize communications and break through the noise with creative and thoughtful send ideas.

“You need all three—6sense, SalesLoft and Sendoso—to get it done,” agrees Ernest. “It’s critical to have some kind of gifting solution like Sendoso to broach the conversation and get someone interested.”

Putting It All Together: How 6sense Turned Their BDR Team Into an Outbound Dream Machine

So what does a multi-channel sales campaign look like in practice? To conclude the webinar, Ernest shared a case study from 6sense that focused on how he recaptures lost opportunities each quarter.

First, he uses 6sense to identify which of those accounts were still in market and thus appropriate targets for the campaign. Next, he sent personalized gifts through the Sendoso platform to improve conversion. Finally, the BDR leveraged SalesLoft to set the follow-up cadence.

The results speak for themselves:

  • $700K+ pipeline per BDR in just 4 months — a 2x increase.
  • Outperforming industry benchmarks of pipeline per rep by 200% or more every month.

Both of our speakers focused on the need to provide value to clients in the coming year. To do that, it’s important to know what your clients and prospects do day in and day out so that you can be truly helpful and supportive.

For example, SalesLoft discovered that sales calls were outperforming emails. Amanda and her team shared that with their customer base to help guide their efforts during the height of the pandemic.

Want to learn how to turn your organization into an outbound dream machine? Watch this webinar and contact Sendoso to learn more about our sending platform and how to work with our network of partners, like 6sense and SalesLoft, to create a creative, flexible, and effective multi-channel sales strategy for 2021 and beyond.

To watch the full New Year, New Targets session on-demand, register here, and to schedule your own custom Sendoso demo, click below.

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