March 11, 2024

One Link for your Next Campaign

Cody Farmer
Cody Farmer

Head of Product, Sendoso
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One of the most common conversations I’ve had over the years with Sendoso customers is around knowing how to properly plan your campaign to know exactly who and how many recipients are going to engage with a gift offer. That and “what if I just want to generate one link rather than generate a link that’s unique to each recipient.”

My answer usually revolved around building out a landing page or form in Hubspot or Marketo, connecting to Sendoso via integration and automating that way (which is still completely doable, and in some cases even preferable.)

Today I finally have an answer that doesn’t require connecting to another tool. You don’t have to generate multiple links. Just generate a Party Link.

We’ve made it super easy for your existing touches and campaigns to be sent out in bulk by now giving you the opportunity to generate a link and QR code directly from the send page. Here’s a preview:

Whether you’re reaching out to a large audience or setting up an event booth, Party Links streamline the gifting process. Imagine sending one link in a bulk email, or sharing a QR code at your booth for attendees to scan and redeem an Uber gift card for their ride home. Maybe you want to do a giveaway and collect a list of people and choose one.

It’s way easier now than it used to be.

Give it a try today and let me know what you think!

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