February 5, 2024

How Sales Teams Can Succeed During the WFH Era

Belynda Cianci
Belynda Cianci

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If the online marketing space was noisy before COVID-19, the new landscape of WFH and virtual events has turned the volume even higher. Digital marketing channels have become saturated with messaging in an effort to reach decision-makers wherever they may be working. It’s only natural, then, that buyers are beginning to tune out.

To overcome a rising tide of cold-calls and impersonal advertising, relationship-building sales strategies become even more critical. The human touch is proven to increase response rates and create steady revenue even through challenging times. Therefore, understanding how and when to reach out with highly relevant, personalized offers becomes key to helping teams overcome the noise and meet and exceed goals, even in a challenging economic landscape.

Sendoso Director of Sales Development Andrea Lydon and Sendoso Director of Sales Nick Casale recently led a session at the SalesLoft Virtual Summit on the importance of adaptation and the power of personalization for sales in the COVID-19 era. They also shared some plays and strategies they’re using now to engage their audience and empower their teams. Click here to watch the full session.

4 Ways Sales Teams Can Succeed with Sending  

1. Open the Door with Personal Connections

At the top of the funnel, creating a personal connection can make a big difference in response rates (up to 30%) to “first impression” opportunities like demos and webinars. These touchpoints can be quick and simple like a branded gift, or an eGift card for coffee or a food delivery app such as UberEats that lets your recipient enjoy a treat or a meal at home.

“Right now, a lot of people are handling a lot of different components. They’re busy; they’re with their kids. It’s hard for them to even make dinner at home.” Andrea explains that a gift that leads with empathy in this way can be highly effective in opening the door to new opportunities.

2. Focus on Win-Backs

The power of door-openers doesn’t just apply to first contacts. In the aftermath of budget cuts and economic shifts due to the pandemic, many marketers found some portion of their pipeline stalling out before closing. As the landscape evolves, a gift can be a powerful tool to re-engage those prospects.

Nick’s team worked with marketing on a win-back campaign to connect with over 150 stalled accounts, an effort that yielded a response rate of over 75% and re-captured some opportunities that may have been overlooked. “We’ve already closed deals from the responses that came back on this, as well,” he explains.

3. Make Sending Easy for Reps

One of the challenges for sending in the WFH era is knowing what to send, and where to send it. SDR Team leads can improve success rates by making sending easy for teams. Improvement starts with good segmentation, which will allow you to connect with the decision-makers and champions in the right way. You’ll also be sure teams are directing budget and personalization efforts appropriately to maximize impact.

“I like to enable my team to think about how they use their Sendoso budget, to think about titles and tiering within their territory.”

In-depth recipient research is key here to understand how to personalize the experience and know where to make contact. Sendoso has solved the “where do I send this?” problem for teams by integrating an Address Confirmation feature that allows the recipient to safely and securely provide a preferred mailing address, ensuring the gift will get to its destination.

4. Streamline the Sales Process

Leaders for Account Executives can support their teams’ success by streamlining the sales cycle and ensuring everyone is on the same page, says Nick. Having a well-documented process in place and communicating it effectively ensures that everyone knows the drill and can utilize it effectively. Sharing wins can also help motivate teams toward adopting a more personalized approach.

If a rep has success with a campaign or a strategy, others on the team are likely to integrate it into their practice as well. Identifying and amplifying your frontrunners can help this process. “If you have one rep who is quick to get some success stories, appoint them as a leader on a team to get everyone else on board, too,” Nick says.

To watch Nick and Andrea’s full session on-demand, including detailed campaign ideas from Sendoso and partners like Chili Piper and Gong, you can register here.

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