November 9, 2018

Prospecting How To: Create “Wow” Moments in Sales with Sendoso, Sigstr, and SalesLoft


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This “Prospecting How To” is brought to you by our friends at Sigstr, the relationship marketing platform for standardizing brand consistency and driving ROI with every employee email sent.

As digital marketing and sales strategies get more complex, it becomes infinitely more difficult to stand out from the noise. Marketing and sales teams are faced with the challenge of reaching prospects who live on a variety of channels and are constantly being bombarded with prospecting outreach.

Sendoso, Sigstr, and SalesLoft, when used in tandem, can come together to create a cohesive, attention-grabbing experience for a prospect (or customer).

Sendoso automates direct mail and gifting so sales reps can deliver personalized packages from within their current tech stack. Sigstr turns everyday email (think Gmail or Outlook) into a channel for email signature marketing and relationship intelligence. Finally, SalesLoft allows teams to create more efficient outreach, building cadences that incorporate personalized, human outreach.

Keep reading for a “Prospecting How To” guide on leveraging these platforms to delight buyers throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Prospecting How To: Imagine Being Your Prospect

Imagine yourself as a typical prospect: You get a cold email from a rep at a company you’ve never heard of. When you open it, you notice that the banner located under the sender’s email signature has your company’s logo in it – sweet! You click on it and are taken to a personalized landing page, where you browse for a bit before getting distracted by other work.

A few days later, you get a call from that rep. They mention they saw that you engaged with their email, and wanted to answer any questions you may have had. You let them know you’re swamped right now because you’re heading on vacation to Australia next week, but you tell them that you might be able to connect after you get back.

A couple of days after that, a package arrives at the office for you containing a handwritten note explaining why the company or AE wants to work with you, as well as a book about Australia. You immediately call the rep to thank them and get a meeting booked for when you get back.

When you return the following week, there’s a coffee eGift card waiting in your inbox accompanied by a quick note letting you know that the coffee is to help you recover from the jetlag. How thoughtful! After running a  demo for you that week, the salesperson sends a follow-up email. You notice the banner in their email signature now reads, “Thanks for seeing a demo! Click here to learn more.” Great! The follow-up information offered even before you asked for it.

Now that would be a great customer experience.

Can you even imagine that level of care and attention at every stage in the process—from the first touchpoint to closing a deal to renewal and beyond? With perfectly timed communication cadences, thoughtful and personalized gifts, and hyper-targeted messaging on every email sent, you probably can’t help but be absolutely delighted with your buying experience.

The best part is that this strategy goes beyond just surface level joy. Every piece of outreach helped bolster your relationship with the rep and further educate you about the product or service that that company offers. So when you do become a customer, you have a strong understanding of both the business and the product.

Enable Marketers & Salespeople to Create “Wow” Moments

This scenario doesn’t have to be a dream.  Marketing and sales leaders can make it happen for their prospects every single day using tools like SalesLoft, Sigstr, and Sendoso.

SalesLoft allows reps to automate outreach and incorporate steps in a cadence such as “email,” “phone” or “other” (which can be filled in with something like “direct mail” or “social media outreach”). This tool serves as the framework for the prospect’s journey, allowing reps to manage and track their outreach activity. They can see when recipients open and click in emails, then use that information to judge engagement so that they can appropriately time their follow up.

Next, Sigstr allows marketers to personalize every single email sent by sales reps with customized and targeted email signature marketing. Target top accounts with a specific ABM banner, whether that’s targeted based on account, industry, location, etc. Not only does Sigstr allow sales reps to be hyper-personalized at the bottom of every email with no extra effort from their end, but Sigstr’s relationship intelligence also enables marketers to score relationships based on email and calendar patterns, giving them insight into which relationships need help, which ones are strong, and more.

Finally, Sendoso serves as the cherry on top of this outreach strategy. Even if a team is using SalesLoft to structure their outreach and Sigstr to inject every bit of it with relevant messaging, sometimes that’s not enough. Direct mail is a surefire way to cut through the noise and act as a tipping point for prospects.

If a prospect is engaging with emails but not responding (trackable through both SalesLoft and Sigstr), for example, that may be the perfect time to use Sendoso to send a coffee eGift, merch from their favorite sports team, or another creative gift via an Amazon integration to grab their attention and turn their “maybe” into a “yes.” Sigstr and SalesLoft data can help inform which customers are in that sweet spot of interested, but not taking action, and a piece of well-thought-out direct mail outreach can tip them over the edge to conversion.

Personalizing OmniChannel Experiences

The truth is, marketing and sales leaders can’t know where exactly their prospects are spending their time every day. However, this powerful trio of technology can work together to create an outstanding experience for the prospect by meeting them in whichever channel they prefer— all in a highly efficient and effective way. It’s hard to tell where a prospect will bite, so give them as many opportunities as possible, in as many channels, to say yes (or no, which is often just as valuable).

Relationships build business. Demonstrating that you’re paying attention to not just to the account “persona,” but to the human at the other end of the screen goes a long way. Using these three platforms together allows sales and marketing teams to send hyper-personalized messages, in an efficient way, that delight prospects and create those “wow” moment throughout the entire buyer journey.

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