July 17, 2018

Prospecting With Personalization That Gets Results

Sara Koppes
Sara Koppes

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In a world where software companies seem to be popping up left and right, it’s hard to get noticed. A great way to stand out is to do something memorable in your outreach so that the prospect can tie it back to you and they will know who you are.

Do Your Research!

When creating customized outreach, we see too many times that there’s no connection between personalization and the point of the email. A good way to avoid this is to be personal about their work experience and their current job to show you understand what they care about and how your software solves their problem.

ProTip: Leverage their LinkedIn recommendations to speak to them using the perception of them from their colleagues and boost their ego.

Use the Power of the P.S.

Sometimes you find a cool fact about your prospect online but don’t have a good way to us it relevantly. Using a P.S. is a great place to put this information to show that you did your research and have a connection to them but there’s no awkward transition.

There’s nothing worse than getting an email that says:

“Hi Sara,

Saw you went to SF State, me too.

I work for x company selling y software.”

Although it looks like opening up with the commonality looks strong, it actually could deter your prospect. They know you are desperately trying to connect with them, but an email like this can be more efficient & effective:

“Hi Sara,

Given your title as [Title] with interests in [Use their Linkedin Job Description or use your knowledge on what their role does], I thought you’d be in interested in learning how we help companies like [Insert Similar Customers, Value Prop].  Are you open to connecting Tuesday at 9 am? I’d love to share what we’re doing over here at [Your Company].

P.S. I also went to SF State as a business management major!”

Send a Token of Appreciation

Sending a gift to a prospect that is personalized can help you avoid their messy inbox and get in front of your buyer. But you have to be mindful of what you’re sending. It’s okay to be funny, but back it up with research. Carina Shahin, our Sr. Account Development Rep did the one-two combo of personalized email and direct mail and got this response. It not only got her an opportunity but high praise from the prospect AND the rest of his team.

With these tips, you’re ready to get selling in a personalized way and make meaningful connections. Check out a blog from Carina as she shares her pains of prospecting.


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